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Adams, J.M.;   Adams, James M.;   Ahmed, A.M.;   Ball, R.C.;   Baumgärtner, A.B.;   Bermel, P.A.;   Bhattacharya, K.;   Biggins, J.S.;   Bladon, P.;   Bradley, D.D.C.;   Cates, M.E.;   Clarke, S.M.;   Corbett, D.;   Counsell, C.;   Feast, W.J.;   Finkelmann, Heino;   Fridrikh, S.V.;   Friend, R.H.;   Gelling, K.P.;   Greve, A.;   Gunn, J.M.;   Gunn, J.M.F.;   Heldmann, C.;   Koch, A.T.H.;   Kundler, I.;   Kutter, S.;   Liu, H.;   Lubensky, T.C.;   Mahadevan, L.;   Mao, Y.;   Martin, S.J.;   Meyer, Robert B.;   Moratti, S.C.;   Nishikawa, E.;   Pereira, G.G.;   Renz, W.;   Richards, R.W.;   Richardson, P.H.;   Schwarzwälder, C.E.;   Tajbakhsh, A.R.;   Teixeira, P.I.C.;   Terentjev, E.M.;   Terntjev, E.M.;   Tsibouklis, J.;   Verwey, G.C.;   Vilgis, T.A.;   Wang, X.-J.;   Williams, D.R.M.;   Yamamoto, J.

Publication Titles

1980: A van der Waals theory with quartic density gradients
1982: A new theory of the equilibrium properties of nematic liquid crystals
1982: The specification of steric effects in the Flory approach to nematic fluids
1983: A new theory of nematic liquid crystal mixtures
1984: Fluctuations, mean fields and the order parameters in nematics
1985: Rod to coil transitions in nematic polymers
1986: Field effects and the critical end point in polymeric nematics
1986: Layer hopping by chains in polymeric smectics?
1986: Theory of nematic backbone polymer phases and conformations
1987: Giant dielectric response and hairpins in polymeric nematics
1987: Theory of nematic comb-like polymers
1988: Theory of nematic networks
1989: Computer simulation of hairpin dynamics in worm-like main chain nematic polymer liquid crystals
1990: Statics and dynamics of hairpins in worm-like main chain nematic polymer liquid crystals
1991: Elasticity and phase behavior of nematic elastomers
1992: Biaxial effects in nematic comblike polymers
1992: Discrete and continuum models of nematic polymers
1992: Molecularly nonhomogeneous nematic polymers
1992: NMR spin-lattice relaxation from molecular defects in nematic polymer liquid crystals
1992: Phase equilibria of swollen nematic elastomers
1992: Physical principles of the structure of comb-shaped liquid crystal polymers
1992: Theory of main chain nematic polymers with spacers of varying degree of flexibility
1993: A new main-chain thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer based on a substituted cyanostilbene: synthesis, thermooptic observations and linear electrooptic effect measurements
1993: Elasticity of nematic networks and nematic effects in conventional rubbers
1993: Linear electrooptic effect in a new class of main-chain liquid-crystalline polymers
1993: Liquid crystalline polymers: self-organization and assembly
1993: Transesterification in nematic polymers
1993: Transitions and instabilities in liquid-crystal elastomers
1994: "Soft elasticity" - deformation without resistance in liquid crystal elastomers
1994: Continuum theory of elasticity and piezoelectric effects in smectic A elastomers
1994: Continuum theory of ferroelectric smectic C elastomers
1994: Deformation-induced orientational transitions in liquid crystals elastomer
1994: Layer-network coupling in smectic elastomers
1994: Orientation of nematic elastomers and gels by electric fields
1994: Orientational Order in Strained Nematic Networks
1995: Analysis of Experiments on Nematic Elastomers
1995: Fluctuations and long-range order in smectic elastomers
1995: Multistage Crosslinking of Nematic Networks
1995: Soft Rubber Elasticity
1996: Elastic instability and stripe domains in liquid crystalline elastomers
1996: Nematic elastomers - a new state of matter?
1996: Non-uniform deformations in liquid crystalline elastomers
1997: Compositional fluctuations and semisoftness in nematic elastomers
1997: Critical stripe-domain instability of nematic elastomers
1997: Director reorientation in nematic liquid-single-crystal elastomers by external mechanical stress. Comments
1997: Nematic elastomers cross-linked by rigid rod linkers
1998: Finite extensibility effects in nematic elastomers
1998: Nematic Main Chain Polymers with Head-to-Tail Structure: Synthesis and Enhanced NLO Response
1999: Dynamics of soft and semisoft nematic elastomers
1999: Electromechanical Fredericks effects in nematic gels
1999: Piezoelectricity of chiral nematic elastomers
1999: Second-order nonlinear optical response of nematic liquid crystalline main chain polymers
2000: Director rotation via photoinduced differential depletion in nematic dyes
2000: Theory of Chiral Imprinting
2000: Untwisting of a Cholesteric Elastomer by a Mechanical Field
2000: Untwisting of a cholesteric elastomer by a mechanical field
2000: When is a nematic elastomer semi-soft and when is it hard?
2001: A New Opto-Mechanical Effect in Solids
2001: Anomalous Viscoelastic Response of Nematic Elastomers
2001: Imprinted Networks as Chiral Pumps
2001: Linear hydrodynamics and viscoelasticity of nematic elastomers
2001: Mechanical and order rigidity of nematic elastomers
2001: The elastic anisotropy of nematic elastomers
2002: Photonic band structure of highly deformable self-assembling systems
2003: Isotropic-to-cholesteric transition in liquid crystal elastomers
2003: Reflectivity of cholesteric liquid crystals with spatially varying pitch
2004: Commentary on "Mechanical properties of monodomain side chain nematic elastomers" by P. Martinoty, P. Stein, H. Finkelmann, H. Pleiner and H.R. Brand
2004: Photoinduced Deformations of Beams, Plates, and Films
2004: The Elasticity of Smectic-A Elastomers
2005: Hairpin rubber elasticity
2006: Nonlinear Photoresponse of Disordered Elastomers
2007: Linear and Nonlinear Photoinduced Deformations of Cantilevers
2007: Mechanical response of smectic C elastomers
2009: Changing liquid crystal elastomer ordering with light - a route to opto-mechanically responsive materials
2009: Supersoft Elasticity in Polydomain Nematic Elastomers


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