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Wang, Q.

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Wang, Qi;   Wang, Qian;   Wang, Qiang;   Wang, Qin;   Wang, Qing;   Wang, Qingfeng;   Wang, Qingliang;   Wang, Qingrui;   Wang, Qunhua


Barnhill, H.N.;   Dreher, T.;   Ferguson, P.L.;   Forest, M.G.;   Guo, R.;   Habenschuss, A.;   Hsu, S.L.;   Huang, X.;   Hung, X.;   Kim, J.-H.;   Kumar, S.;   Lipton, R.;   Pollack, S.K.;   Reuther, R.;   Shao, X.;   Shen, D.-Y.;   Stidham, H.D.;   Sun, Y.;   Tian, Y.;   Tsunoda, I.;   Wunderlich, Bernhard;   Xenopoulos, A.;   Zheng, X.;   Zhou, R.

Publication Titles

1989: Infrared and x-ray diffraction studies of a semirigid polyurethane
1995: Mesophases of alkylammonium salts. VI. The crystal structures of tetra-n-butylammonium bromide and iodide
1997: Effect of Polymer Network on Liquid Crystal Molecules Orientation
1997: Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Films with Good E-O Property Fabricated by Fast-Cooling Method
2000: Special cylindrical free surface jets of liquid crystalline polymers and their stability
2005: Anisotropy and Dynamic Ranges in Effective Properties of Sheared Nematic Polymer Nanocomposites
2005: Display and non-display applications of the phase-separated composite films method
2005: Exact Scaling Laws for Electrical Conductivity Properties of Nematic Polymer Nanocomposite Monodomains
2007: Turnip Yellow Mosaic Virus as a Chemoaddressable Bionanoparticle


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