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Wang, Jing

Similar Names

Wang, J.;   Wang, Jiang;   Wang, Jin;   Wang, Jing Yu;   Wang, Ying


Cheng, Stephen Z.D.;   Graham, Matthew J.;   Harris, Frank W.;   Jeong, Kwang-Un;   Jin, Shi;   Lenz, Robert W.;   Pullman, Alberte;   Tu, Ying-Feng

Publication Titles

1991: Interactions and packing of lipids around a helical hydrophobic polypeptide. The system gramicidin A/glycerylmonooleate
1991: Preparation and properties of a liquid-crystalline segmented block copolyester
2007: Structure of Macroscopic Monodomains and Its Soft Confinements of Chiral Smectic Phases on Crystallization in a Main-Chain Nonracemic Liquid Crystalline Polyester

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