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Wang, Hai-Ying

Alternative Writings

Wang, H.-Y.;   Wang, H.Y.;   Wang, Haiying


Chen, Jie;   Dabrowski, Roman;   Du, Fang;   Gauza, Sebastian;   Ge, Zhibing;   Guo, Hui;   Han, Jie;   Liang, Xiao;   Lin, Yi-Hsin;   Lu, Yan-Qing;   Meng, Ji-Ben;   Nie, Xiangyi;   Seed, Alexander J.;   Wen, Chien-Hui;   Wu, Benjamin;   Wu, Janet R.;   Wu, Shin-Tson;   Wu, Thomas X.;   Wu, Yung-Hsun;   Zheng, Liping;   Zhu, Xinyu

Publication Titles

2003: High Birefringence Isothiocyanato Tolane Liquid Crystals
2004: Correlations between liquid crystal director reorientation and optical response time of a homeotropic cell
2004: Smart millimeter-wave devices using liquid crystal
2005: Dual-Frequency Addressed Variable Optical Attenuator with Submillisecond Response Time
2005: On the dielectric heating of dual-frequency liquid crystals
2005: Polar anchoring energy measurement of vertically aligned liquid-crystal cells
2005: Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of 2-(4-alkoxybenzoyloxy- or 4-alkoxycinnamoyloxy)-5-oxo-2,5-dihydrofurans
2006: A method to estimate the Leslie coefficients of liquid crystals based on MBBA data
2006: Cell Gap Effect on the Dynamics of Liquid Crystal Phase Modulators


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