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Wang, H.

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Wang, G.;   Wang, Hai;   Wang, Haifeng;   Wang, Hailin;   Wang, Hailing;   Wang, Haimin;   Wang, Haishui;   Wang, Hangfen;   Wang, Hanlin;   Wang, Hao;   Wang, Haying;   Wang, Henbin;   Wang, Heng;   Wang, Hengbin;   Wang, Hezhou;   Wang, Hong;   Wang, Hongbo;   Wang, Hongguang;   Wang, Honghui;   Wang, Hongju;   Wang, Hongjun;   Wang, Hongli;   Wang, Hongtao;   Wang, Hongyun;   Wang, Howard;   Wang, Huabin;   Wang, Huafu;   Wang, Huan;   Wang, Huanting;   Wang, Huaping;   Wang, Huaqin;   Wang, Hui;   Wang, Huifang;   Wang, Huifen;   Wang, Humin;   Wang, N.


Adams, W.;   Bunning, T.;   Cheng, S.Z.D.;   Christopherson, G.T.;   Composto, R.J.;   Denton, A.R.;   Dhont, J.K.G.;   Douglas, J.F.;   Fry, D.;   Glinka, C.J.;   Grulke, E.;   Grulke, E.A.;   Han, C.C.;   Harris, F.W.;   Hinrichsen, G.;   Ho, D.L.;   Hobbie, E.K.;   Hobbie, Erik K.;   Huang, Y.;   Jarnagin, R.C.;   Jing, A.J.;   Katsaras, J.;   Kim, H.;   Langhorst, B.;   Lettinga, M.P.;   Li, C.Y.;   Lin-Gibson, S.;   Nieh, M.P.;   Pathak, J.A.;   Porcar, L.;   Qiu, D.;   Samulski, Edward T.;   Satija, S.K.;   Shen, Z.;   Sun, Z.;   Tan, Q.;   Tang, B.Y.;   Wang, L.;   Xu, Z.Y.;   Zeng, J.

Publication Titles

1987: X-ray diffraction investigations in the disk-like mesophase of three compounds of rufigallol hexa-n-alkanoates
1994: Influences of local anisotropy on polymeric second order nonlinear optical dynamics
1994: Int. Conf. Liq. Cryst. Polym., Beijing, Abstr.
1997: Influence of processing temperature on morphological and mechanical properties of a polycarbonate/thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer (PC/TLCP) blend
2003: Early-stage compositional segregation in polymer-blend films
2003: Kinetic pathway of the bilayered-micelle to perforated-lamellae transition
2003: Role of Polymorphous Metastability in Crystal Formation Kinetics of 2,3,6,7,10,11-Hexa(4'-Octyloxybenzoyloxy)-Triphenylene Discotic Molecules
2004: Effective electrostatic interactions in suspensions of polyelectrolyte brush-coated colloids
2004: Elastic Flow Instability in Nanotube Suspensions
2004: Microstructural response of a near-critical colloid-polymer mixture to shear flow
2004: Ubiquity of domain patterns in sheared viscoelastic fluids
2005: Anisotropy of Sheared Carbon-Nanotube Suspensions
2005: Shear-SANS study of single-walled carbon nanotube suspensions


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