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Vold, Robert L.

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Vold, R.L.


Barbara, Thomas M.;   Bodenhausen, G.;   Chan, S.O.;   Dickerson, W. Harry;   Goetz, Jon M.;   Hoatson, G.L.;   Hoatson, Gina L.;   Jaffe, David;   Luyten, Peter R.;   Martin, Joel F.;   Neubert, Mary E.;   Orwoll, R.D.;   Poupko, R.;   Poupko, Raphael;   Selwyn, Lyndsie S.;   Stark, Ruth E.;   Szeverenyi, Nikolaus M.;   Tse, Tak Y.;   Vold, Regitze R.;   Warner, Mark

Publication Titles

1970: Modulated spin echo trains from liquid crystals
1971: Molecular order in liquid crystalline solutions of poly(.gamma.-benzyl L-glutamate) in dichloromethane
1977: Carbon-13, nitrogen-14 and deuteron magnetic relaxation and anisotropic molecular reorientation of nitrobenzene
1977: Deuterium relaxation of chloroform dissolved in a nematic liquid crystal
1979: Nuclear spin relaxation and slow motion of solutes in nematic liquid crystals
1980: Multiple quantum spin-echo spectroscopy
1980: Nuclear relaxation and solute reorientation in a locally ordered medium
1980: The determination of all six spectral densities of motion for partially oriented dichloromethane-d2
1981: Application of the Jeener-Broekaert pulse sequence to molecular dynamics studies in liquid crystals
1981: Nuclear relaxation and molecular dynamics of cyanoacetylene-d and chloroform-d in a thermotropic nematic liquid crystal
1982: Deuterium relaxation of a partially oriented methyl group. I. Multiple quantum spin-echo spectra of acetonitrile-d3 in nematic solution
1982: The determination of translational diffusion constants in liquid crystals from pulsed field gradient double quantum spin echo decays
1983: A determination of individual spectral densities in a smectic liquid crystal from angle dependent nuclear spin relaxation measurements
1983: Deuterium relaxation of a partially oriented methyl group. III. Order director fluctuations and solute reorientation in a nematic solution of acetonitrile-d3
1983: Modern spin relaxation techniques for liquid crystals: nuclear spin probes in thermotropic mesophases
1983: Nuclear spin relaxation and molecular motion of a highly ordered spin probe in a nematic liquid crystal
1984: A modified Jeener-Broekaert sequence for relaxation measurements in liquid crystals
1984: Deuteron Magnetic Relaxation and Molecular Dynamics in Thermotropic Liquid Crystals
1984: Molecular motion in thermotropic liquid crystals: deuterium relaxation and spectral densities of motion for a highly ordered spin probe in 4-octyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl
1984: Pretransitional effects in nuclear spin relaxation of p-methoxybenzylidene-p-n-butylaniline
1984: Relaxation of quadrupolar and Zeeman order in a strongly coupled, partially ordered deuterium (D2) spin system
1985: Core and chain dynamics in thermotropic liquid crystals
1985: Density matrix formalism for NMR studies of liquid crystals
1985: Molecular motion in thermotropic liquid crystals. Deuterium relaxation and spectral densities of motion in nematic and smectic 40.8
1985: Nuclear spin relaxation of biphenyl in nematic and smectic liquid crystalline media
1988: Higher-order director fluctuations
1988: Nuclear spin relaxation and molecular dynamics in ordered systems: models for molecular reorientation in thermotropic liquid crystals
1988: Nuclear spin relaxation and quasicoherent fluctuations in ordered fluids: a different expression for the high-frequency cutoff
1992: Deuterium spin relaxation and molecular motion in a binary liquid-crystal mixture
1992: Deuteron relaxation and anisotropic reorientation of a nematic liquid crystal
1994: 2H-NMR spectroscopy of solids and liquid crystals
1994: Individual spectral densities and molecular motion in polycrystalline hexamethylbenzene-d18
1994: Nuclear spin relaxation formalism for liquid crystals
1994: The effects of director fluctuations on nuclear spin relaxation
1996: Effects of slow motion on deuteron relaxation time anisotropy


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