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Vohra, Rohini T.

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Vohra, R.T.;   Vohra, Rohini


Arnett, Kenneth E.;   Clark, Noel A.;   Crandall, Charles M.;   Eidman, Kirk F.;   Escher, Claus;   Frisk, Jeff;   Fung, B.M.;   Geelhaar, Thomas;   Haltiwanger, R. Curtis;   Handschy, Mark A.;   Hirai, Toshihiro;   Ho, Mei-Sing;   Horiuchi, Akiko;   Keller, Patrick;   Lagerwall, Sven T.;   Littwitz, Brigitte;   Meadows, Michael R.;   More, Kundalika;   More, Kundalika M.;   More, Kundalika.M.;   O'Neill, Matthew B.;   Otterholm, Bengt;   Parmar, Devendra S.;   Razavi, Homaune A.;   Rego, James A.;   Ros, M. Blanca;   Shao, Ren-Fan;   Sierra, Teresa;   Skarp, Kent;   Thurmes, William N.;   Umezawa, Junko;   Velsco, Stephan P.;   Walba, David;   Walba, David M.;   Walbs, David M.;   Wand, Michael;   Wand, Michael D.;   Xue, Jiu-Zhi;   Yoshizawa, Atsushi

Publication Titles

1986: Design and synthesis of new ferroelectric liquid crystals. 2. Liquid crystals containing a nonracemic 2,3-epoxy alcohol unit
1991: Chiral nonracemic compounds for high-tilt ferroelectric liquid-crystal compositions
1991: Design and synthesis of ferroelectric liquid crystals. 15. FLC materials for nonlinear optics applications
1991: Evolution of the boulder model for the molecular origins of the polarization in ferroelectric liquid crystals
1991: Properties of a series of phenylpyrimidine ferroelectric liquid crystals possessing the 2,3-difluoroalkoxy tail
1991: Synthesis, spectra, and ferroelectric properties of a series of dihalogenated dopants
1991: Use of the Boulder model for the design of high-polarization fluorinated ferroelectric liquid crystals
1992: Chiral nonracemic compounds and ferroelectric liquid-crystal compositions containing them
1992: Synthesis and Ferroelectric Properties of a Series of Core-Fluorinated Dopants
1993: A study of ferroelectric liquid crystals by one and two dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance
1993: Chiral nonracemic liquid-crystal compounds for ferroelectric compositions
1993: Cyclohexene derivatives and ferroelectric liquid-crystal compositions containing them
1993: Ferroelectric properties of a series of core-fluorinated dopants containing the 2,3-difluoroalkoxy tail
1995: High birefringence dopants for use in ferroelectric and nematic liquid crystal mixtures
1995: New chiral dopants based on the 2-fluoro-2-methylalkoxy tail for use in ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures
1995: New ferroelectric liquid crystal polymers for nonlinear optics applications
1996: High-contrast distorted helix effect electrooptic devices and tight ferroelectric pitch ferroelectric liquid crystal compositions useful in these devices
1996: Tolane cinnamates - a new class of stable, high birefringence dopants
1997: FLC materials for microdisplay applications
1997: High-birefringence liquid crystal dopants
1997: High-temperature ferroelectric liquid crystals
1998: FLC materials for microdisplay applications
1998: High-resolution, color FLC miniature display and FLC materials optimized for their operation
1998: Negative birefringence ferroelectric liquid crystals
1998: Optical characteristics of wavelength-optimized reflective FLC SLMs
1999: FLC displays for high-resolution magnified view and projection applications
2009: Germanium liquid crystals


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