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Viney, C.

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Viney, Christopher


Braun, F.N.;   Chang, M.Y.;   Chapoy, L.L.;   Chu, V.;   Dannels, C.M.;   Depero, L.E.;   Donald, A.M.;   Economy, J.;   Geiss, R.;   Gordon, B.R.;   Huber, A.;   Huber, A.E.;   Kaplan, D.L.;   Karis, T.;   Marcher, B.;   Mitchell, G.R.;   Nguyen, C.;   Parkin, S.;   Rabolt, J.F.;   Reck, B.;   Ringsdorf, Helmut;   Ritter, A.P.;   Russell, T.P.;   Siemens, R.;   Stayton, P.S.;   Twieg, R.J.;   Verdugo, P.;   Volksen, W.;   Windle, A.H.;   Yoon, D.Y.

Publication Titles

1982: Phase transformations in the thermotropic liquid crystal polymer: 60/40 PABA/PET
1983: Banded structures in oriented thermotropic polymers
1983: Optical microscopy of banded structures in oriented thermotropic polymers
1983: Optical microstructure of oriented liquid crystal polymers
1984: Thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers; a multiaxial nematic classification
1984: Ultimate optical resolving power when conoscopic image contains no zero or even-order maxima
1985: Biaxial optical properties of thermotropic random copolyesters
1985: Domains and walls in thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers. An optical microscopy study
1985: Molecular correlations in sheared thermotropic copolyesters showing banded textures
1986: On predicting the optical diffraction pattern from thermotropic specimens having a banded texture
1986: Reconstituted nitrocellulose with significant molecular alignment
1986: Ternary phase equilibria for a nitrocellulose/solvent/non-solvent system
1986: The parabolic focal conic texture in a lyotropic liquid-crystalline polymer
1987: Lyotropic behavior of nitrocellulose
1987: On understanding the optical extinction behavior of uniaxially sheared liquid crystalline polymers
1988: Phase behavior and molecular order in a semiflexible thermotropic/lyotropic polymer
1988: The Effect of a Magnetic Field on Optical Orientation: A Test for Biaxiallity in a Nematic Polymer?
1988: The nature of the thermal transitions in poly(p-oxybenzoate)
1989: Light microscopy of liquid-crystalline polymers
1989: Phase behavior of a semiflexible polymer with both thermotropic and lyotropic properties
1989: The structural basis of transitions between highly ordered smectic phases in semifluorinated alkanes
1989: Transitions to liquid crystalline phases in a semifluorinated alkane
1990: Light microscopy of liquid-crystalline polymers
1990: Liquid crystalline phases formed by iodine derivatives of semifluorinated alkanes
1990: Nematic phases of rigid rod polytolans
1991: How light microscopy reveals molecular order in liquid crystalline polymers
1991: Transitions to liquid crystalline phases in tri-block oligomers F(CF2)n(CH2)m(CF2)nF
1992: Isomers of a Difluorinated Polytolan: Sensitivity of Phase Transitions to Isomer Structure
1992: Polymers for multifunctional applications: some general considerations
1992: Polytolans as Model Compounds for Studying Thermotropic Phase Transitions of Rod-Like Molecules
1993: Processing biological polymers in the liquid crystalline state
1994: Liquid Crystallinity of a Biological Polysaccharide: The Levan/Water Phase Diagram
1999: Mucus liquid crystallinity: is function related to microstructural domain size?
2001: Fluctuation-entanglement mechanism for director anchoring at nematic polymer surfaces


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