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Vetrov, S.Ya.

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Vetrov, S.Y..

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Vetrov, S.Y.


Arkhipkin, V.G.;   Bogul'skii, I.O.;   Gerasimov, V.P.;   Gunyakov, V.A.;   Kamaev, G.N.;   Karneev, A.Yu.;   Khachaturyan, V.M.;   Mamaev, V.P.;   Mikhaleva, M.A.;   Myslivets, S.A.;   Presnyakov, V.V.;   Sadreev, A.F.;   Shabanov, A.V.;   Shabanov, V.F.;   Vtyurin, A.N.;   Zharkova, G.M.;   Zyryanov, V.Ya.

Publication Titles

1986: Light diffraction in inhomogeneously deformed cholesteric liquid crystals
1987: Thermomechanical effects in light diffraction by cholesterics
1993: Orientational structure of encapsulated cholesteric substances
1998: Electromagnetic waves in unlimited and finite superlattices
1998: Features of the reorientation process for bipolar drops of nematic with rigidly fixed poles
2001: Localized Electromagnetic Modes and the Transmission Spectrum of a One-Dimensional Photonic Crystal with Lattice Defects
2004: Reflection Spectrum of a Cholesteric Liquid Crystal with Structural Defects
2007: Optical transmission of one-dimensional photonic crystal under oblique incidence of light
2007: Temperature dependencies of polarized transmission spectra of the multilayer photonic crystal with a nematic defect
2008: One-dimensional photonic crystals with a planar oriented nematic layer: Temperature and angular dependence of the spectra of defect modes


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J. Exp. Theor. Phys., 93, 977
JETP Lett., 80, 181
Liq. Cryst. Appl. (Ivanovo), (1) 22
Liq. Cryst. Appl. (Ivanovo), (2) 28
Opt. Spektrosk., 61, 1144
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Opt. Spektrosk., 84, 823
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