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Veracini, C.A.

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Veracini, C. Alberto;   Veracini, Carlo A.;   Veracini, Carlo Alberto;   Veracini, Carlo-Alberto


Amanzi, A.;   Ambrosetti, R.;   Amrein, J.;   Angeloni, A.S.;   Barili, P.L.;   Bata, L.;   Bezrukov, O.F.;   Bubnov, A.;   Bucci, P.;   Calucci, L.;   Catalano, D.;   Cavazza, M.;   Celebre, G.;   Chen, Y.B.;   Cheng, M.;   Chidichimo, G.;   Chidichimo, P.;   Chiellini, Emo;   Chiezzi, L.;   Choi, E.J.;   Ciampi, E.;   Cifelli, M.;   Coppola, L.;   Corrado, A.;   Czub, J.;   Dabrowski, R.;   Diehl, P.;   Domenici, V.;   Domenici, Valentina;   Dong, R.Y.;   Dong, Ronald Y.;   Drobny, G.P.;   Emsley, James W.;   Eremin, A.;   Fodor-Csorba, Katalin;   Forte, C.;   Francescangeli, O.;   Franchini, P.F.;   Fronza, G.;   Gacs-Baitz, E.;   Galli, Giancarlo;   Gandolfo, C.;   Gascs-Baitz, K.;   Geppi, M.;   Gestblom, B.;   Giordano, M.;   Glogarova, M.;   Gomola, K.;   Guidi, M.;   Haase, W.;   Hamplova, V.;   Holly, S.;   Jákli, Antal;   Kaspar, M.;   Kohout, M.;   Komitov, Lachezar;   Kuczynski, W.;   La Penna, G.;   Laus, M.;   Lazzareschi, A.;   Lelj, F.;   Lenzi, A.;   Leporini, D.;   Longeri, M.;   Lunazzi, L.;   Madsen, L.A.;   Marini, A.;   Martinelli, M.;   McDonald, P.J.;   Mondelli, R.;   Morcombe, C.R.;   Muzzalupo, R.;   Novotna, V.;   Pardi, L.;   Pedulli, G.F.;   Pietra, F.;   Pociecha, D.;   Ponti, S.;   Prampolini, G.;   Randall, E.W.;   Ranieri, G.A.;   Richardson, R.;   Russo, N.;   Samulski, Edward T.;   Santucci, S.;   Serra, A.M.;   Shilstone, G.N.;   Silvestri, D.;   Strigazzi, A.;   Struts, A.V.;   Tiecco, M.;   Ujsziszy, K.;   Urban, S.;   Vajda, A.;   Vincenzi, C.;   Wallington, I.D.;   Weyrauch, Thomas;   Xu, J.;   Xu, Jiadi;   Yablonskii, S.V.;   Zandanel, A.;   Zannoni, Claudio;   Zhang, J.;   Zimmermann, H.;   di Bari, L.

Publication Titles

1971: NMR spectrum of 3,3'-bisisoxazole in nematic phase
1971: Temperature dependence of the geometry of p-dinitrobenzene in a nematic phase
1972: Conformation studies of molecules partially oriented in the nematic phases. NMR spectra of 5,5'-bisisoxazole
1972: Conformational analysis in heteroaromatic carbonyl compounds. II. Nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of 2,5-thiophenedicarboxaldehyde in liquid crystals
1972: Conformational studies of molecules partially oriented in the nematic phases: furan-2,5-dialdehyde
1972: Nematic-phase N.M.R. investigation of rotational isomerism: conformations of 2-furanaldehyde
1973: Conformational analysis of bithienyl derivatives. Liquid crystal nuclear magnetic resonance approach
1973: NMR investigation of the geometry of a pyridine-bromine complex in the nematic phase
1973: NMR of substituted benzenes in the nematic phase geometric distortion in benzonitrile, p-nitrobenzonitrile, and p-dinitrobenzene
1974: Conformational studies of molecules partially oriented in the nematic phase: 2,6-pyridinedicarboxaldehyde
1974: Molecular structure of cyclopentadiene from its NMR spectrum in a nematic solvent
1976: Proton magnetic resonance spectrum of hexamethylenetetramine (HMTA) in oriented mesophases
1977: Nematic phase N.M.R. investigation of rotational isomerism -- V. The conformation of pyridine-3-aldehyde
1977: Nuclear magnetic resonance study of thiophen-2-carboxaldehyde and thiophen-2,5-dicarboxaldehyde in a lyotropic mesophase. Molecular structure and orientation
1978: The rZ structure of 1,2,5-selenadiazole partially oriented in ordered mesophases as determined by proton NMR spectra including carbon-13 and selenium-77 satellites
1979: Conformational study of 2,2'-biselenophene partially oriented in a nematic liquid crystal phase by PMR spectra including selenium-77 satellites
1979: Spin-probe longitudinal relaxation in a smectic A mesophase
1980: Complete r.alpha. structure of selenophene partially oriented in a nematic liquid crystal phase by proton NMR spectra including selenium-77 and carbon-13 satellites
1980: Structural changes induced in the amino group of aniline by substituents: the structure and orientation of para-bromo- and para-nitroaniline [1-nitrogen-15] in nematic liquid crystal solvents by NMR
1981: The r.alpha. structure of isoxazole, partially oriented in liquid-crystal solvents, from proton spectra and carbon-13 satellites: solvent-induced structure deformations
1982: Electron resonance investigation of a cholesteric mesophase induced by a chiral probe
1982: The r.alpha. structure of benzonitrile, determined by NMR of the oriented molecule
1983: The orientational ordering of some non-cylindrically symmetric solutes in nematic solvents
1984: Deuterium quadrupolar parameters and geometry of nitrobenzene from proton and hydrogen-2 NMR spectra using liquid crystal solvents
1985: NMR spectra in liquid crystals the partially averaged spin Hamiltonian
1985: Studies of solutes with internal rotors
1986: Deuterium quadrupole parameters from proton and deuteron NMR spectra for pyridine-d5, benzonitrile-d5 and chlorobenzene-d5 using liquid crystal solvents
1988: An internal order approach to the investigation of intramolecular rotations in liquid crystals by NMR: 3-Phenyl-thiophene in PCH and phase IV
1989: Noncylindrical symmetry of the ordering matrix of some spectroscopic probes in a lyotropic mesophase studied by deuterium NMR spectroscopy
1989: Solute alignment in liquid crystal solvents. The Saupe ordering matrix for perylene and pyrene
1991: Proton NMR measurements of longitudinal relaxation times in liquid-crystalline poly(ester .beta.-sulfides)
1992: Fluorescence Depolarization Study of Perylene in a Lyotropic NdII Phase
1992: Maximum Entropy Rotameric Distribution of Molecules Dissolved in Liquid Crystals
1992: Molecular Dynamics in a Liquid Crystal from Deuterium Spin Relaxation
1992: Orientational properties of liquid-crystalline 4-n-alkyloxybenzylidene-4'-fluoroanilines
1992: Synthesis and 2H-NMR Spectra of 2-(p-heptylbenzoyloxy)-5-(p-heptylbenzenazo)tropone: A Sigmatropic Liquid Crystal
1993: Comparison of the maximum entropy and additive potential methods for obtaining rotational potentials from the NMR spectra of samples dissolved in liquid crystalline solvents. The case of 4-nitro-1-(.beta.,.beta.,.beta.-trifluoroethoxy)benzene
1993: Deuteron NMR spectra of 2-(p-heptylbenzoyloxy)-5-(p-heptylbenzenazo)tropone: a new sigmatropic liquid crystal
1993: Orientational order and dynamics of fluorescent probes in aligned lyotropic phases by fluorescence depolarization spectroscopy: perylene in a nematic discotic phase. A comparison with 2H NMR
1994: Aggregates of amphiphiles in lyotropic liquid crystals
1994: Probe studies of liquid crystals
1994: Study of the molecular dynamics from deuterium zeeman and quadrupolar NMR relaxation of 4,4'-di-n-heptylazoxybenzene in the nematic and smectic A phases
1994: The validity of the rotational isomeric state model for short alkyl chains with large substituents: a maximum entropy analysis of the 1H dipolar couplings within the trimethylene group of a liquid crystal molecule
1995: 2H NMR study of phase transitions and orientational order in a side chain liquid crystal polymer: evidence of a nematic-nematic transition
1996: A constrained maximum entropy method for the interpretation of experimental data: application to the derivation of single particle orientation-conformation distributions from the partially averaged nuclear spin dipolar couplings of n-=alkane dissolved in a liquid crystalline solvent
1996: Liquid crystals showing a molecular rearrangement: a dynamic NMR study of a 2-benzoyloxytropone mesogen
1996: Polar (pyroelectric, piezoelectric, and ferroelectric) properties of two low molar mass mesogenic compounds in the solid state
1996: The study of water diffusion in the lamellar phase of water-ammonium perfluorononanoate mixtures
1997: Orientational order of p-n-alkoxybenzylidene-p'-fluoroanilines. X-ray diffraction and electrooptic response of the chiral (S)-p-2-methylbutyloxy derivative
1998: Molecular rotation and conformational transitions studied by 2H NMR in a smectogen
1999: Preparation and investigations of thermotropic liquid crystals labeled by stable isotope. II. Synthesis and 2H NMR spectroscopic investigation of 4-(2-methylbutyl)phenyl 4'-heptylbiphenylcarboxylate-d18 (7BEF5-d18) and its isotopomer, 7BEF5-d6
2000: 2H NMR spectroscopy of liquid crystals: structure and orientational order of a chiral smectogen in its A, C* and J* phases
2000: Conformational dynamics of a metallomesogen studied by 2H-NMR spectroscopy
2000: Microscopic organization and tilt angle in smectic A and chiral smectic C phases: characterization and orientational order by 2H NMR and electric polarization measurements
2000: Rotational dynamics of a chiral mesogen by 2H NMR study: can it be anomalous?
2001: 2H-NMR and SAXS of a ferroelectric liquid crystal: unwinding of the ferroelectric chiral helix by high magnetic fields
2001: Dynamics of a Liquid Crystal in its Smectic A Phase from Angle Dependent Deuterium Spin Relaxation Measurements
2002: Deuterium NMR relaxation in the smectic-A phase of a chiral smectogen
2002: Dielectric and 2H NMR Relaxation Studies of the Same Smectogenic Liquid Crystal
2002: Dynamics of a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal by Means of 2H Relaxation Measurements
2003: 2H NMR study of a deuterium labelled ferroelectric liquid-crystalline polysiloxane
2004: Deuterium and Carbon-13 NMR Study of a Banana Mesogen: Molecular Structure and Order
2004: Translational self diffusion in 4-n-octyloxy-4'-cyanobiphenyl (8OCB) exploited with a static field gradient 1H NMR diffusometry approach
2005: Investigating the core moiety of banana-shaped liquid crystals using 2H NMR coupled with quantum simulations
2005: Molecular dynamics in smectic A and chiral smectic C phases by deuteron spin relaxation study
2005: Soliton-like deformation of chiral C phase by deuterium NMR spectral analysis
2005: Translational self diffusion anisotropy in the smectic A phase measured by a static fringe field gradient 1H NMR diffusometry approach
2006: 13C and 2H NMR Study of Structure and Dynamics in Banana B2 Phase of a Bent-Core Mesogen
2006: Deuterium NMR of the TGBA* Phase in Chiral Liquid Crystals
2007: Orientational Order of a Liquid Crystal with Three Chiral Centers by a Combined 13C NMR and DFT Approach
2008: Chiral and achiral banana shaped liquid crystals, Synthesis and characterization
2008: Orientational Order of Difluorinated Liquid Crystals: A Comparative 13C-NMR, Optical, and Dielectric Study in Nematic and Smectic B Phases
2009: The ferroelectric SmC* phase studied by means of 2H and 13C NMR: structural and orientational features


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