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van Winkle, D.H.

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van Winkle, David H.


Chatterjee, Arunava;   Chen, W.-X.;   Clark, Noel A.;   Davidson, M.W.;   Godfrey, M.I.;   Kettwig, F.;   Link, Robert;   Liu, Y.;   Locke, B.R.;   Murray, C.A.;   Nechanicky, M.;   Ramey, B.A.;   Rill, R.L.

Publication Titles

1984: Direct measurement of space-time correlations: evidence for the Landau-Peierls divergence in the two-dimensional nematic orientation field of a freely suspended smectic C film
1987: Experimental observation of two-stage melting in a classical two-dimensional screened Coulomb system
1990: Cholesteric helical pitch of near persistence length DNA
1996: Surface-tension-gradient-induced flow in freely suspended liquid crystalline films
1997: Magnetic-field alignment of cholesteric liquid-crystalline DNA
1997: Metastable structures of cholesteric liquid crystals with negative diamagnetic anisotropy in magnetic fields
1997: Nematic bubbles in freely suspended liquid crystal films
1999: Capillary gel electrophoresis of nucleic acids in pluronic F127 copolymer liquid crystals


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