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van Sprang, H.A.


Aartsen, R.G.;   Breddels, P.A.;   Bruinink, J.;   Gerritsma, C.J.;   Hartmann, W.J.A.M.;   Heynderickx, I.;   Koopman, H.G.;   Verhulst, A.G.H.;   Vertogen, G.;   Yokoyama, H.;   de Vaan, Adrianus Johannes Stephanus Maria;   van de Venne, J.L.M.;   van der Venne, J.L.M.

Publication Titles

1982: Surface Induced Order
1983: Surface order in nematics
1983: Surface-induced order in a layer of nematic liquid crystal
1983: Temperature dependence of liquid crystal tilt angles
1984: Anchoring of liquid crystals on solid substrates
1984: Nucleation and growth of a cholesteric phase in the field-induced nematic state
1984: The temperature dependence of liquid-crystal tilt angles
1985: A novel method for determining the anchoring energy function at a nematic liquid crystal-wall interface from director distortions at high fields
1985: An analytical expression for the optical threshold in highly twisted nematic systems with nonzero tilt angles at the boundaries
1985: Influence of the surface interaction on threshold values in the cholesteric-nematic phase transition
1985: Nucleation phenomena in cholestric-nematic mixtures under externally applied electric fields
1985: The Optical Threshold in Twisted ({\f1 p 1985: Torsional anchoring of 5CB and 5PCH on various substrates
1986: Director Patterns in Highly Twisted Nematic Configurations with Non-Zero Pretilt Angles; Influence of a Finite Anchoring Energy Coefficient
1986: Fast switching in a bistable 270° twist display
1986: Numerical calculations of director patterns in highly twisted nematic configurations with nonzero pretilt angles
1987: Influence of dispersion on the transmission characteristics of supertwisted nematic effects in liquid-crystal displays
1987: Temperature compensation of the threshold voltage of a 270° twist (SBE) cell
1988: Experimental and calculated results for the dynamics of oriented nematics with twist angles from 210° to 270°
1989: Simulation of Domains in Supertwisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Displays
1991: SSFLC field-induced director pattern modulation described in terms of smectic layer bending
1992: The angular dependence of the transmission of nontwisted liquid crystal displays


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