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van Doren, Henk A.

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van Doren, H.A.


Arnouts, Ester G.;   Brisson, Alain;   Buma, T.J.;   Chittenden, Gordon J.F.;   Engberts, J.B.F.N.;   Engberts, Jan B.F.N.;   Feringa, Ben L.;   Galema, Saskia A.;   Huck, Nina P.M.;   Kellogg, R.M.;   Kellogg, Richard M.;   Keuning, Cor A.;   Nusselder, Jan Jaap H.;   Pestman, J. Monique;   Pestman, Jolanda M.;   Raaijmakers, Harry W.C.;   Smits, E.;   Smits, Elly;   Stuart, Marc C.A.;   Terpstra, K. Ronald;   Wingert, L.M.;   Wingert, Lavinia M.;   Wynberg, H.;   Wynberg, Hans;   Zwanenburg, Binne;   de Goede, A.T.J.W.;   de Ruijter, Cornelis F.;   van Bekkum, Herman;   van Bolhuis, Fré;   van Rantwijk, Fred;   van der Geest, R.;   van der Geest, Ralph;   van der Heijden, Anna M.

Publication Titles

1988: Carbohydrate liquid crystals even at ambient temperature
1989: Ph. D. Thesis Groningen
1989: Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of the n-alkyl 1-thio-.alpha.-D-glucopyranosides, a new homologous series of carbohydrate mesogens
1989: Synthesis and mesogenic properties of several homologous series of aldose dialkyl dithioacetals. A model for their behavior
1989: The crystal structure of heptyl 1-thio-.alpha.-D-glucopyranoside, a member of a new homologous series of mesogenic carbohydrate derivatives
1990: A comparative study of the liquid-crystalline behavior of three homologous series of 1,2-propanediol derivatives
1990: The scope and limitations of liquid-crystalline behavior in monosaccharide amphiphiles: comparison of the thermal behavior of several homologous series of D-glucose derived compounds with an amino-linked alkyl chain
1991: A revised model for the molecular arrangement in the smectic Ad phase of carbohydrate derived amphiphiles with one alkyl chain
1991: Penetration by water of polyhydroxy amphiphiles in the crystalline versus the liquid crystalline states
1993: Liquid-crystalline and thermochromic behavior of 4-substituted 1-methylpyridinium iodide surfactants
1994: The relationship between the molecular structure of polyhydroxy amphiphiles and their aggregation behavior in water. I. The contact preparation method as a tool for empirical studies
1995: Chiroptical Switching between Liquid Crystalline Phases
1995: Nonamphiphilic carbohydrate liquid crystals containing an intact monosaccharide moiety
1995: Structure-property relationships in D-glucitol derivatives with two geminal hydrocarbon chains. Part 1. Thermotropic and lyotropic liquid-crystalline behavior
1995: Structure-property relationships in D-glucitol derivatives with two geminal hydrocarbon chains. Part 1.-Thermotropic and lyotropic liquid-crystalline behaviour
1995: The synthesis and properties of some mesogenic 3-O-alkyl derivatives of D-glucitol and D-mannitol
1995: Unexpected Formation of Vesicular Aggregates in Aqueous Solutions of n-Octyl 1-Thio-{\f1 a}-D-talopyranoside. Marked Effects of Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding
1996: Cholesteric Carbohydrate Liquid Crystals
1997: Cholesteric carbohydrate liquid crystals incorporating an intact glucopyranose moiety
1997: Nonionic Bolaamphiphiles and Gemini Surfactants Based on Carbohydrates
1997: Synthesis, purification and liquid - crystalline behavior of several alkyl 1-thio-D-glycopyranosides
1997: Thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystalline behavior of 4-alkoxyphenyl .beta.-D-glucopyranosides
2000: Mesogenic ketohexose and aldopentose derivatives: anomalous behavior of the alkyl D-fructopyranosides
2000: Mesogenic sugars. From aldoses to liquid crystals and surfactants


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