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Vaisnoras, Rimas

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Vaisnoras, R.


Adomenas, Povilas;   Bastys, Vytautas;   Kudarauskas, Antanas;   Kulbickas, Augustinas;   Miksys, Mantas;   Pajeda, Stasys;   Pajediene, Stanislava;   Rasteniene, Loreta;   Rogante, Massimo;   Tiskevicius, Jonas

Publication Titles

2000: Polarization features of the deformed PDLC film
2004: External control of a stop band position in a visible spectra of photonic crystal opal infiltrated with nematic LC
2004: Polarized FTIR spectra investigation of the metallo-organic copper (II) and nickel (II) compounds
2004: The estimation of nanosized droplets in the polymer dispersed liquid crystal

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