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Tsao, Heng-Kwong

Alternative Writings

Tsao, H.-K.;   Tsao, H.K.


Chen, Jeff Z.Y.;   Ha, Bae-Yeun;   Hsin, Wei Lun;   Jiang, Shaoyi;   Lin, Shi-Yow;   Sain, Anirban;   Sheng, Yu-Jane;   Zhou, Jian

Publication Titles

2002: Competitive diffusion into two reactive spheres of different reactivity and size
2002: Ion distributions within a microdroplet without surface charge: Fluctuation-correlation effects
2002: Orientation of a Y-shaped biomolecule adsorbed on a charged surface
2004: Chain persistency in single-stranded DNA
2004: Electrostatic attraction between neutral microdroplets by ion fluctuations
2004: Surface tension increment due to solute addition


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