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Towler, M.J.

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Towler, Michael John;   Towler, Mike J.


Acosta, E.J.;   Anderson, M.H.;   Ayliffe, P.J.;   Birch, M.J.;   Blackmore, J.M.;   Bone, M.F.;   Coulson, I.;   Crossland, W.A.;   Crowther, H.M.;   Elston, S.J.;   Gass, P.;   Hughes, J.R.;   Jandt, K.D.;   Jones, J.C.;   Miles, M.J.;   Mottram, N.J.;   Pedlingham, H.A.;   Phillips, T.J.;   Raynes, E.P.;   Ross, P.W.;   Ruan, Lizhen;   Sage, I.C.;   Sambles, J.R.;   Saunders, F.C.;   Sluckin, T.J.;   Smith, N.J.;   Stewart, I.W.;   Surguy, P.W.H.;   Tillin, M.D.;   Tixier, S.;   Ul Islam, N.;   Ulrich, D.C.;   Walton, H.G.;   Waterworth, T.F.

Publication Titles

1989: Electrooptic pulse response of ferroelectric liquid crystals
1990: Observation of dielectric biaxiality in a two-frequency smectic C and a reinterpretation of ferroelectric liquid crystal a.c. field effects
1991: Optical studies of high tilt silicon monoxide aligned thin layers of smectic C materials
1991: Optical studies of thin layers of smectic C materials
1991: Optical studies of thin layers of smectic-C materials
1991: Switching behavior of Sc* liquid crystals
1991: The "JOERS/Alvey" ferroelectric multiplexing scheme
1991: The importance of dielectric biaxiality for ferroelectric liquid crystal devices
1993: Fast, high-contrast ferroelectric liquid crystal displays and the role of dielectric biaxiality
1995: Observation of phase transitions in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal investigated by scanning tunneling microscopy
1995: On the measurement of switching parameters of ferroelectric liquid crystal devices: a new method for material assessment
1995: The effect of an electric field on a homeotropically aligned smectic C liquid crystal
1996: Flow past finite obstacles in smectic liquid crystals: permeative flow induced SA to SC phase transition
1998: Characterization of free standing chiral smectic C (Sc*) ferroelectric liquid crystal films
1998: Important Physical Properties of Smectic Liquid Crystals1
1998: Shear induced melting of smectic-A liquid crystals
2000: Nematic director configurations in high pretilt, parallel aligned layers
2000: On the response speed of pi-cells
2000: Periodic layer slipping in a sheared smectic A cell
2000: Permeative flow and the compatibility of smectic C zig-zag defects with compressive and dilative regions
2000: Shear-induced melting of smectic-A liquid crystals
2000: The role of surface tilt in the operation of pi-cell liquid crystal devices
2005: Route towards optimization of the response times of a pi-cell liquid-crystal mode
2006: Isolation techniques for long-term bistability of the bistable twisted nematic mode


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