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Toscano, Cinzia

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Toscano, C.


Bennis, Noureddine;   Gayo, Jose Luis;   Gayo, José L.;   Oton, Jose Manuel;   Oton, José M.;   Piccirillo, Bruno;   Quintana, Xabier;   Santamato, Enrico;   Sirleto, Luigi;   Urruchi, Virginia

Publication Titles

2001: Undamped Nonlinear Oscillations of the Molecular Director Induced in a Liquid Crystal Film by the Competition between the Orbital and Spin Angular Momentum Transfer from Light
2002: Asymmetric electro-optic response in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
2002: Phase and Polarization Variations Induced by V-Shape Smectic Cells
2002: Reflective SLMs based on antiferroelectric and V-shape liquid crystals

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