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Torquati, Giuseppe

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Torquati, G.


Braghetti, Mario;   Fanelli, Enzo;   Lodi, Andrea;   Lupinacci, Domenico;   Mariani, Paolo;   Melone, Savino;   Poeti, Giovanni;   Rustichelli, Franco;   Samori, Bruno;   de Maria, Paolo

Publication Titles

1982: Mesomorphic behavior of some 4-n-butyryl-4'-n-alkanoyloxyazobenzenes. A new series of liquid crystal compounds
1983: Investigation by x-ray diffraction of phase transitions of the mesomorphic polymer poly(p-biphenylyl acrylate)
1984: Liquid crystalline catalysis. 2. Sulfonate ester rearrangements induced in solution by the ordered structure of a smectic B solvent

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