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Toda, K.

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Toda, Kenji;   Toda, Kiyoshi;   Toda, Kohji;   Toda, Koji


Asada, T.;   Honda, K.;   Inoue, M.;   Moritake, H.;   Nagaura, S.;   Onogi, S.;   Sasaki, Y.;   Sukigara, M.;   Watanabe, T.;   Yoshino, K.

Publication Titles

1975: Study of the absorption of organic compounds dissolved in an oriented nematic liquid crystal
1981: Deformation and structural reformation of lyotropic cholesteric liquid crystal of hydroxypropyl cellulose + water system
2001: Evaluation of Elastic Properties in Nematic Liquid Crystal using Elastic Wave Propagation
2001: Measurement of Electrorheology Effect of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal using a Shear-Horizontal Wave Delay Line Oscillator
2001: Observation of orientation dependence of electrorheology effect in ferroelectric liquid crystal using shear horizontal wave
2001: Performance of Shorter Periodical Domain of Nematic Liquid Crystal Induced by Elastic Wave Propagation
2002: Detection of Ultrasound in Air Using Freely Suspended Film of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
2002: Electrorheology Effect of Nematic Liquid Crystal Observed Under Shear Horizontal Wave Propagation
2002: Evaluation of nematic liquid-crystal director-orientation using shear horizontal wave propagation
2002: Propagation characteristics of a shear horizontal wave in a liquid-crystal cell having temperature-dependent phase states


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