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Thurn-Albrecht, Thomas

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Thurn-Albrecht, T.


Binder, Wolfgang H.;   Busse, Karsten;   Ghazaryan, Lilit;   Gronski, Wolfram;   Guo, Qipeng;   Henze, Thomas;   Kniese, Volker;   Kohn, Peter;   Kressler, Jörg;   Leist, Heike;   Li, Hangsheng;   Maring, Daniel;   Reiter, Günter;   Röttele, Andreas;   Sachsenhofer, Robert;   Schädler, Volker;   Sommer, Jens-Uwe;   Spiess, Hans W.;   Thelakkat, Mukundan;   Thomann, Ralf;   Wicklein, Andre;   Wiesner, Ulrich

Publication Titles

1998: Self-Assembly of Ionically End-Capped Diblock Copolymers
1999: Double flip of orientation for a lamellar diblock copolymer under shear
2002: Phase Behavior, Crystallization, and Hierarchical Nanostructures in Self-Organized Thermoset Blends of Epoxy Resin and Amphiphilic Poly(ethylene oxide)-block-poly(propylene oxide)-block-poly(ethylene oxide) Triblock Copolymers
2003: Thermodynamics of Formation, Reorganization, and Melting of Confined Nanometer-Sized Polymer Crystals
2009: Hierarchical Organization of Poly(ethylene oxide)-block-poly(isobutylene) and Hydrophobically Modified Fe2O3 Nanoparticles at the Air/Water Interface and on Solid Supports
2010: Synthesis and structure elucidation of discotic liquid crystalline perylene imide benzimidazole


Chem. Commun., 46, 2328
J. Chem. Phys., 110, 8225
Langmuir, 25, 8320
Macromolecules, 31, 4828
Macromolecules, 35, 3133
Macromolecules, 36, 1257

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