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Thiele, Thomas

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Thiele, T.;   Thiele, Th.


Berret, J.-F.;   Müller, Stefan;   Prescher, Dietrich;   Ruhmann, Ralf;   Schmidt, Claudia;   Schulz, Günter;   Springer, Jürgen;   Wolff, Dietmar

Publication Titles

1995: A phase polymorphism N-SAd-I in liquid-crystalline polymethacrylates with 4'-trifluoromethoxyazobenzene mesogenic side groups
1995: Synthesis of liquid-crystalline poly(meth)acrylates with 4-trifluoromethoxy-azobenzene mesogenic side-groups
1996: Liquid crystalline side group polymers with azo-chromophores and fluorinated tails of varying length
1996: Liquid crystalline side group polymers with fluorine-containing azo-chromophores
1997: Fluorine-containing liquid crystalline polymethacrylates. New materials for optical data storage
1997: Synthesis of 4-(1H,1H-perfluoroalkoxy)-4'-(6-methacryloyloxyhexyloxy)azobenzenes and their liquid crystalline intermediates
2001: Rheology and nuclear magnetic resonance measurements under shear of sodium dodecyl sulfate/decanol/water nematics


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