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Tereshchenko, A.G.


Grydyakina, A.V.;   Iljin, Andrey G.;   Klimusheva, Gertruda V.;   Koval'chuk, A.V.;   Kulishov, Viktor I.;   Lindau, J.;   Lisetskii, L.N.;   Lyuksyutov, S.F.;   Mirnaya, Tatyana A.;   Polishchuk, A.P.;   Puchkovs'ka, G.A.;   Puchkovska, G.A.;   Reshetnyak, V.Yu.;   Reznikov, Yu.A.;   Shans'ky, L.I.;   Shanskii, L.I.;   Shansky, L.I.;   Sudovtsova, L.S.;   Tikhonov, E.A.;   Tolochko, A.S.;   Yaroshchuk, O.V.;   Yatsenko, L.P.

Publication Titles

1993: Light-induced shift of the selective-reflection band and temperature dependence of spacing of the cholesteric helix of the liquid crystal
1997: About Mechanisms of Photoinduced Anisotropy in Azo-Dye-Containing Liquid Crystalline Polymer
1998: Kinetic characteristics of light induced anisotropy and mechanism of the molecular alignment in azo dye containing polymer films
1999: Light induced polarized splitting of the absorption band of mesogenic azo-polymer
1999: Main-chain ordering and stability of the light-induced anisotropy in the films of comb-like azo-polymer
2000: Spectral investigation of different LC polymorphic modifications with induced spiral structure
2004: Spectral and electric properties of cobalt (II) ions in liquid crystalline metal decanoate systems


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