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Terech, P.

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Terech, Pierre


Allegraud, J.J.;   Chachaty, C.;   Furman, I.;   Gaillard, J.;   Garner, C.M.;   Giroud-Godquin, A.M.;   Guenet, J.M.;   Maldivi, P.;   Menelle, A.;   Schaffhauser, V.;   Thierry, A.;   Weiss, R.G.

Publication Titles

1987: Electron paramagnetic resonance study of the physical gelation of a copper complex in cyclohexane
1989: A nonaqueous thermoreversible lyotropic gelling system: characterization of gels and xerogels from low molecular weight steroid derivatives
1992: Rheological and neutron scattering investigations of the jelly state of binuclear copper complexes in cyclohexane
1994: "Living polymers" in organic solvents: bicopper(II) tetracarboxylate solutions
1994: Isotactic polystyrene/cis-decalin mixtures: phase diagram and molecular structures
1995: Structures of Organogels Based upon Cholesteryl 4-(2-Anthryloxy)butanoate, a Highly Efficient Luminescing Gelator: Neutron and X-ray Small-Angle Scattering Investigations
1998: Thermoreversible Gelation of Organic Liquids by Arylcyclohexanol Derivatives: a Structural Study
2009: Metastability and Sol Phases: Two Keys for the Future of Molecular Gels?


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