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Tan, Loon-Seng

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Tan, L.-S.;   Tan, L.S.


Alexander, Max D.;   Arlen, Michael J.;   Arnold, F.E.;   Baek, Jong-Beom;   Bai, Shih Jung;   Chuah, H.H.;   Dang, T.D.;   Dean, Derrick;   Dudis, Douglas S.;   Han, Jee-Young;   Houtz, Marlene D.;   Jeon, Hong G.;   Mather, Patrick T.;   McKellar, B. Robert;   Nagvekar, Devdatt S.;   Sankaran, Balasubramanian;   Song, Hyun H.;   Song, Hyun Hoon;   Spry, Robert J.;   Srinivasan, K.R.;   Wang, David H.;   Wei, K.H.

Publication Titles

1994: Pseudo-ladder rigid-rod polymers: dihydroxy pendent benzothiazole aromatic heterocyclic polymer and copolymers
1997: Intramolecularly hydrogen-bonded, thermotropic liquid crystalline model compounds for dihydroxyphenylene-based rigid-rod ladder polybenzobisthiazole
1997: New aromatic benzazole polymers. I. Benzobisthiazole and benzobisoxazole polymers with main-chain triarylamino units
1998: New aromatic benzazole polymers II: Synthesis and conductivity of benzobisthiazole-co-polymers incorporated with 4-N,N-dimethylaminotriphenylamine groups
1999: New wholly-aromatic thermotropic polyesters with controlled flexibility
1999: Thermotropic liquid crystalline behavior of dihydroxyphenylene benzobisthiazole derivatives
2000: Toward environmentally-stable N-dopable conducting benzazole polymers. N-methylation of poly(2,5-pyridylbenzobisthiazole) and model compound studies
2007: Nanocomposites Derived from a Low-Color Aromatic Polyimide (CP2) and Amine-Functionalized Vapor-Grown Carbon Nanofibers: In Situ Polymerization and Characterization


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J. Polym. Sci., Polym. Chem., 36, 713
Macromolecules, 40, 6100
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Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. A, 327, 161
Polym. Prepr., 38 (2) 247
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Polymer, 35, 3091

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