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Tang, Ben Z.

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Tang, B.Z.;   Tang, Ben;   Tang, Ben Zhang


Cheuk, Kevin K.;   Chigrinov, Vladimir G.;   Dong, Yu-Ping;   Ge, Weikun;   Huang, Yuan-Ming;   Kong, Xiang-Xing;   Kozenkov, Vladimir M.;   Kwok, Hoi S.;   Kwok, Hoi-Sing;   Lai, Lo M.;   Lam, Jacky W.;   Lam, Jacky W.Y.;   Luo, Jingdong;   Prudnikova, Elena K.;   Salhi, Fouad;   Xie, Zhi-Liang;   Yip, Wing C.

Publication Titles

2000: Liquid crystalline polyacetylenes with tunable luminescent properties
2000: Origin of the blue emission from poly(1-phenyl-2-alkynes) and poly(phenylacetylenes)
2001: Liquid crystalline light-emitting thermally stable readily processable substituted polyacetylenes
2001: New photo-aligning and photo-patterning technology: superthin internal polarizers, retarders, and aligning layers
2003: Polyacetylene liquid crystals: new mesomorphic materials with high thermal stability and novel light-emitting properties


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