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Talmon, Y.

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Talmon, Yeshayahu


Bellare, J.R.;   Burns, J.L.;   Chestnut, M.H.;   Coffindaffer, T.W.;   Danino, D.;   Davis, H.T.;   Evans, D.F.;   Franses, E.I.;   Laughlin, R.G.;   Magdassi, S.;   Makarsky, A.;   Miller, D.D.;   Miller, W.G.;   Munyon, R.L.;   Ninham, B.W.;   Nizri, G.;   Puig, J.E.;   Scriven, L.E.;   Siegel, D.P.;   Zana, R.

Publication Titles

1980: Roles of liquid crystals and micelles in lowering interfacial tension
1982: Vesicle formation and stability in the surfactant sodium 4-(1'-heptylnonyl)benzenesulfonate
1983: Spontaneous vesicles formed from hydroxide surfactants: evidence from electron microscopy
1987: Meaning and structure of amphiphilic phases: inferences from video-enhanced microscopy and cryotransmission electron microscopy
1989: Intermediates in membrane fusion and bilayer/nonbilayer phase transitions imaged by time-resolved cryo-transmission electron microscopy
1992: Physical science of the dioctadecyldimethylammonium chloride-water system. 3. Colloidal aspects
1995: Alkanediyl-.alpha.,.omega.-Bis(Dimethylalkylammonium Bromide) Surfactants (Dimeric Surfactants). 5. Aggregation and Microstructure in Aqueous Solutions
2009: Nanostructures Formed by Self-Assembly of Negatively Charged Polymer and Cationic Surfactants


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