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Suresh, K.A.


Agarwal, Amit K.;   Bahr, Christian;   Bhattacharyya, A.;   Blumstein, A.;   Chandrasekhar, S.;   Giridhar, M.S.;   Hariharan, P.;   Heppke, Gerd;   Hopf, R.;   Joshi, Leela;   Kalkura, A.N.;   Kang, Shin-Woong;   Kini, U.D.;   Kumar, Bharat;   Kumar, P.B. Sunil;   Kumar, P.B.S.;   Kumar, S.;   Kumar, Sandeep;   Kumar, Satyendra;   Madhusudana, N.V.;   Moodithaya, K.P.L.;   Nayak, Alpana;   Nityananda, Rajaram;   Oestreicher, A.;   Pal, Santanu Kumar;   Prajapati, A.K.;   Prasad, S. Krishna;   Prasad, Veena;   Rajagopalan, S.R.;   Ramachandran, Hema;   Ramaseshan, S.;   Ranganath, G.S.;   Rao, K.V.;   Ratna, B.R.;   Rondelez, F.;   Sadashiva, B.K.;   Sah, Yuvaraj;   Samuel, J.;   Shashidhar, R.;   Urs, M. Subramanya Raj;   Varia, M.C.;   Venkatesh, G.;   Vijayaraghavan, D.;   Viswanath, P.;   Wang, Qing-Bing

Publication Titles

1973: Optical properties of mixtures of right- and left-handed cholesteric liquid crystals
1973: Theory of the optical properties of nonabsorbing compensated cholesteric liquid crystals
1975: Anomalous transmission (Borrmann effect) in absorbing cholesteric liquid crystals
1975: Circular dichroism in absorbing mixtures of right- and left-handed cholesterics
1976: An experimental study of the anomalous transmission (Borrmann effect) in absorbing cholesteric liquid crystals
1977: Liquid crystals of disc-like molecules
1977: Optical and x-ray studies on the twisted smectic C and twisted nematic phases. Evidence for a skew-cybotactic type of cholesteric structure
1979: Disk-like mesogens
1980: Temperature dependence of the smectic A layer spacing in two reentrant nematogens
1983: Effect of skew cybotactic structure on the optical properties of a nematogen with a lateral cyano substituent
1983: High-pressure studies on partially bilayer and monolayer smectics
1983: Induced smectic mesomorphism in binary mixtures of cholesteryl chloride and 4,4'-diheptyloxyazoxybenzene
1983: Synthesis and miscibility studies of some phenyl cinnamoyloxybenzoate derivatives
1983: Temperature variation of the layer spacing in the smectic A, reentrant nematic and reentrant smectic A phases of 9 OBCAB
1985: Langmuir monolayers of mesomorphic monomers and polymers
1985: X-ray studies on bilayer smectic A (A2) and bilayer smectic C (C2) phases
1986: Induced smectic phases in binary mixtures of a compound having a weakly polar end group and a compound having a non-polar end group
1992: Effect of Inherent Faraday Rotation on the Optical Properties of Ferrocholesterics
1992: Optical diffraction in twisted liquid-crystalline media - phase grating mode
1993: Optical properties of magnetically doped cholesterics
1994: Optical diffraction in chiral smectic-C liquids crystals
1996: Modulations in the diffracted intensity in chiral smectic-C liquid crystals
1996: Optical diffraction in chiral liquid crystals
1997: Formation of Liquid Crystalline Phases from a Langmuir Monolayer
1997: Optics of some chiral liquid crystals
1997: Phase diagram of a liquid crystal siloxane polymer at air water interface
1997: The pancharatnam phase as a strictly geometric phase: A demonstration using pure projections
1998: Visco-elastic modes in some ferroelectric liquid crystals
1999: Phase transitions in Langmuir monolayers
2002: A dynamic light scattering study of the viscoelastic twist mode in cholesteric liquid crystals
2003: Liquid crystals of disc-like molecules
2003: Polar head group interactions in mixed Langmuir monolayers
2004: Monolayers and 3D Films of Cholesteryl Derivatives at the Air-Water Interface
2004: Unusual Features in the Surface Pressure - Area Isotherms in the Langmuir Monolayer of a Siloxane Polymer
2005: Dynamic light scattering studies on a lyotropic discotic nematic liquid crystal
2005: Magnetic Susceptibility Studies on a Lyotropic Nematic System
2005: Thermotropic Uniaxial and Biaxial Nematic and Smectic Phases in Bent-Core Mesogens
2007: Films of Novel Mesogenic Molecules at Air-Water and Air-Solid Interfaces
2008: Discogen-DNA Complex Films at Air-Water and Air-Solid Interfaces
2009: Discotic Mesogen - DNA Complex Films at Interfaces
2009: Mechanical Properties of Langmuir-Blodgett Films of a Discogen-DNA Complex by Atomic Force Microscopy
2009: Novel Mesogenic Azobenzene Dimer at Air-Water and Air-Solid Interfaces


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