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Sullivan, Vincent J.

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Sullivan, V.J.

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Sullivan, Vincent


Campbell, Glenn C.;   Chen, Paul N.;   Haider, Ishag M.;   Haider, M. Ishaq;   Hatke, Wilfried;   Holcomb, Douglas R.;   Kenig, Samual;   Mortazavi, Mohammad;   Orwoll, Robert A.;   Pulaski, Harry S.;   Shen, Sunny S.;   Yoon, Hyun-Nam

Publication Titles

1987: Thermal pressure coefficients and specific volumes of cyanobiphenyls and their transition entropies at constant volume
1993: Thermosetting mixtures of liquid-crystalline polymer and epoxy-functional rubber compound
1993: Thermotropic polyester blends compatibilized with organofunctional silane coupling agents
1997: Moisture-resistant cyclic olefin polymer laminate for polarizer application

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