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Stucky, Galen D.

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Stucky, G.D.;   Stucky, Galen


Alberius, Peter C.A.;   Alfredsson, Viveka;   Andersson, Martin;   Bartl, Michael H.;   Birkedal, Henrik;   Boettcher, Shannon;   Boettcher, Shannon W.;   Bu, Xianhui;   Chmelka, B.F.;   Chmelka, Bradley F.;   Ciesla, Ulrike;   Diaz, Isabel;   Fan, Jie;   Feng, Jianglin;   Feng, Pingyun;   Franklin, Nathan R.;   Frederickson, Glenn H.;   Frindell, Karen L.;   Gallis, Karl W.;   Gier, Thurman E.;   Han, Yong-Jin;   Hansma, Paul K.;   Hanson, Jonathan C.;   Harreld, John H.;   Hayward, Ryan C.;   Huo, Qisheng;   Hwang, Young Kyu;   Katsoulis, Dimi E.;   Keung, Michael;   Kim, Ji-Man;   Kleitz, Freddy;   Kramer, Edward J.;   Kwon, Young-Uk;   Landry, Christopher C.;   Leon, Rosa;   Lettow, John S.;   Liang, Hongjun;   Lukens, Wayne W.;   Margolese, David I.;   Marlow, Frank;   Melosh, Nicholas;   Monnier, Alain;   Morey, Mark S.;   Nguyen, Chi;   Norby, Poul;   O'Brien, Stephen;   Ostomel, Todd;   Palmqvist, Anders E.C.;   Park, Sang-Eon;   Perez-Pariente, Joaquin;   Petroff, Pierre M.;   Pine, David J.;   Sakamoto, Yasuhiro;   Schierhorn, Martin;   Schmidt-Winkel, Patrick;   Schwarz, Stephan;   Schäffer, Tilman E.;   Schüth, Ferdi;   Shi, Qihui;   Sieger, Peter;   Su, Kai;   Suto, Michitaka;   Terasaki, Osamu;   Tian, Bozhi;   Tolbert, Sarah H.;   Tsung, Chia-Kuang;   Unger, Klaus K.;   Whited, Gregg;   Yang, Peidong;   Ying, Jackie Y.;   Yu, Chengzhong;   Zhao, Dongyuan

Publication Titles

1994: Generalized synthesis of periodic surfactant/inorganic composite materials
1994: High-resolution transmission electron microscopy of mesoporous MCM-41 type materials
1995: Mesostructure design with gemini surfactants: supercage formation in a three-dimensional hexagonal array
1996: Surfactant Control of Phases in the Synthesis of Mesoporous Silica-Based Materials
1997: A New Phase of Oriented Mesoporous Silicate Thin Films
1998: Synthesis and organization of zeolite-like materials with three-dimensional helical pores
1998: Tri-, Tetra-, and Octablock Copolymer and Nonionic Surfactant Syntheses of Highly Ordered, Hydrothermally Stable, Mesoporous Silica Structures
1998: Triblock copolymer syntheses of mesoporous silica with periodic 50 to 300 angstrom pores
1998: Triblock-Copolymer-Directed Syntheses of Large-Pore Mesoporous Silica Fibers
1999: Block Copolymer Templating Syntheses of Mesoporous Metal Oxides with Large Ordering Lengths and Semicrystalline Framework
1999: Multiphase Assembly of Mesoporous-Macroporous Membranes
1999: Novel Mesoporous Silicates with Two-Dimensional Mesostructure Direction Using Rigid Bolaform Surfactants
2000: Hexagonal to Mesocellular Foam Phase Transition in Polymer-Templated Mesoporous Silicas
2000: Hydrothermal and Postsynthesis Surface Modification of Cubic, MCM-48, and Ultralarge Pore SBA-15 Mesoporous Silica with Titanium
2000: Microemulsion Templating of Siliceous Mesostructured Cellular Foams with Well-Defined Ultralarge Mesopores
2000: Monolithic mesoporous silica templated by microemulsion liquid crystals
2000: Periodic mesoporous silica monoliths templated by liquid crystals in complex systems
2001: Mesoporous Silica Fibers: Synthesis, Internal Structure, and Growth Kinetics
2001: Phase Transformations in Mesostructured Silica/Surfactant Composites. Mechanisms for Change and Applications to Materials Synthesis
2001: Phase Transitions in Mesostructured Silica/Surfactant Composites: Surfactant Packing and the Role of Charge Density Matching
2002: General Predictive Syntheses of Cubic, Hexagonal, and Lamellar Silica and Titania Mesostructured Thin Filmss
2002: Structural Design of Mesoporous Silica by Micelle-Packing Control Using Blends of Amphiphilic Block Copolymers
2002: Surfactant and pH-Mediated Control over the Molecular Structure of Poly(phenylsilsesquioxane) Resins
2002: Three-Dimensional Cubic Mesoporous Structures of SBA-12 and Related Materials by Electron Crystallography
2003: Synthesis of Mesoporous Silica from Commercial Poly(ethylene oxide)/Poly(butylene oxide) Copolymers: Toward the Rational Design of Ordered Mesoporous Materials
2005: 3-D Molecular Assembly of Function in Titania-Based Composite Material Systems
2005: Ag/AgCl-Loaded Ordered Mesoporous Anatase for Photocatalysis
2006: Nanoparticle Assembly of Ordered Multicomponent Mesostructured Metal Oxides via a Versatile Sol-Gel Process
2007: The directed cooperative assembly of proteorhodopsin into 2D and 3D polarized arrays
2008: Field-Directed and Confined Molecular Assembly of Mesostructured Materials: Basic Principles and New Opportunities


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