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Strigazzi, A.

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Strigazzi, Alfredo


Abramic, D.;   Agafonova, I.F.;   Alexe-Ionescu, Anca-Luiza;   Alyushin, A.;   Alyushin, M.;   Andreev, A.;   Avendano, C.;   Barbero, C.;   Barbero, G.;   Becchi, M.;   Beresnev, L.;   Bobylev, Yu.;   Chedichimo, G.;   Chigrinov, V.G.;   Demikhov, E.;   Demikhov, E.I.;   Dolbnya, I.;   Ferrero, C.;   Figueiredo Neto, A.M.;   Flatischler, Kurt;   Fontanini, S.;   Francescangeli, O.;   Gabrielli, G.;   Gandolfo, C.;   Geivandova, T.A.;   Golemme, A.;   Gonchukov, S.;   Haase, W.;   Hoffmann, E.;   Ichimura, K.;   Jägemalm, Pontus;   Karamysheva, L.A.;   Komitov, Lachezar;   Kompanets, I.;   Krivoshey, A.I.;   Lagerwall, S.T.;   Lavrentovich, O.D.;   Madhusudana, N.V.;   Malvano, R.;   Malvano, Renato;   Marinov, Y.;   Minchenko, M.V.;   Miraldi, E.;   Molkin, V.M.;   Montrucchio, B.;   Oldano, C.;   Palffy-Muhoray, Peter;   Pergamenshchik, V.M.;   Petrov, A.G.;   Petrov, M.P.;   Pikin, S.;   Pikin, S.A.;   Ponti, S.;   Pozhidaev, E.;   Pozhidaev, E.P.;   Pratibha, R.;   Puggelli, M.;   Salvadori, M.C.;   Sanna, A.;   Shoshin, V.;   Shumkina, Yu.;   Sparavigna, A.;   Stanic, V.;   Stebler, B.;   Stegemeyer, Horst;   Subacius, D.;   Taverna Valabrega, P.;   Torgova, S.;   Torgova, S.I.;   Trossi, L.;   Umanskii, B.A.;   Vashchenko, V.V.;   Veracini, C.A.;   Weyrauch, Thomas;   Yablonskii, S.;   Yablonskii, S.V.;   Ziherl, P.;   Žumer, Slobodan

Publication Titles

1978: Study of the complex dielectric permeability of a homeotropically aligned nematic liquid crystal layer
1979: Some remarks on the impedance variations of a homeotropic nematic cell subjected to ultrasounds
1979: Variations in complex permittivity of a homeotropic nematic liquid crystal at different temperatures as a function of alternating polarizing voltage
1980: Measurements of the complex permittivity of a homeotropic nematic liquid crystal irradiated by ultrasound normal to the cell plates
1980: Planar deformation induced in a homeotropic nematic liquid crystal by simultaneously applied magnetic and electric fields
1981: A method for measuring the elastic ratio K11/K33 of a mesogene in nematic phase
1981: On the surface behavior of a homeotropic nematic liquid crystal cell
1981: Series and perturbation methods: two mathematical approaches to a nematic director lines description
1982: On the capacity behavior of a nematic liquid crystal cell in an acoustic reorienting field
1982: On the modeling of a pretilted nematic cell
1983: On a periodically grooved nematic cell
1983: The contrast gain in a guest-host nematic display due to a periodic boundary condition
1984: Influence of the surface-like volume elasticity on the critical thickness of a hybrid aligned nematic cell
1984: On Deuling's transition in a nematic liquid crystal
1984: Optical study of the molecular alignment in a nematic liquid crystal in an oblique magnetic field
1985: Flexoelectric properties and optical activity of a nematic liquid crystal
1986: Periodic Freedericksz transition for nematic-liquid-crystal cells with weak anchoring
1988: Surface elasticity and Freedericksz' threshold in a nematic cell weakly anchored
1991: Surface induced alignment transition in a nematic layer with symmetrical boundary conditions
1991: static splay-stripes in a hybrid aligned nematic layer
1992: Bend-Stripes in Hybrid Aligned Nematic Layers with Strong Homeotropic Anchoring
1992: Longitudal and Transverse Modes in Periodic Freedericksz Transition Occuring in Planar Nematic Layers
1992: Orientational Transitions in Smectic Droplets on Anisotropic Substrates
1992: Saddle-Splay and Mechanical Instability in Nematics Confined in Cylindrical Bend-Geometry
1992: Saddle-Splay and Periodic Instability in a Hybrid Aligned Nematic Layer Subjected to a Normal Magnetic Field
1992: Sign Reversal of the Linear Electrooptic Effect in the N*Phase
1992: Static Domains in Planar Nematics Near the Dielectric Inversion Point: The Role of Flexoelectricity
1992: Topological Transition in Microconfined Nematic Liquid Crystal Droplets
1993: Axial escape of nematics in bend-cylindrical configuration
1993: Bend-strips in hybrid aligned nematic layers
1993: Orientational transitions in smectic droplets on anisotropic substrates
1994: A Landau-de Gennes model for the temperature surface transition in nematics
1994: Amphiphilic Langmuir-Blodgett films as a new tool for inducing alignment transition in nematics
1994: Periodic stripe domains and hybrid-alignment regime in nematic liquid crystals: threshold analysis
1994: Sign reversal of the linear electro-optic effect in the chiral nematic phase
1995: Magnetic field effect on periodic stripe domains in nematic liquid crystals
1995: Modulated structures of the smectic-C phase in free-standing films with high spontaneous polarization
1995: Smectic C (of F)-smectic A phase transition in side chain polymers investigated by the piezoelectric technique
1995: Stripe Texture in Free Standing Films of Smectic C* Phases With High Spontaneous Polarization
1996: Polar (pyroelectric, piezoelectric, and ferroelectric) properties of two low molar mass mesogenic compounds in the solid state
1996: Quasistatic domains in planar nematic liquid crystals around the dielectric inversion point
1996: Spontaneous and induced modulated structures related to smectic A-smectic C phase transitions in thin films
1997: Adsorption Induced Tilt-Anchoring Transition in Trans-4-Alkylcyclohexanecarboxylic Acids
1997: Dimerization in Trans-4Butyl-Cyclohexanecarboxylic Acid and its Mixture with 12% Cis-Isomer Observed Via {\super 1}H- and {\super 2}H-NMR
1997: Growth of ferroelectric smectic nuclei in chiral nematic melt
1997: Mesomorphism of Cis-Trans-Isomers Mixtures of 4-Butyl-Cyclohexanecarboxylic Acid
1997: Non-Monotonous Behavior of the Optical Phase Retardation in a Nematic Layer
1997: Symmetry rules and temperature-induced anchoring transitions
1997: X-Rays Investigation of New Isomeric Oxadiazoles
1998: A new image processing method for enhancing the detection sensitivity of smooth transitions in liquid crystals
1998: A novel order transition inside the nematic phase of trans-4-hexylcyclohexane-1-carboxylic acid discovered by image processing
1998: Alignment transition driven by adsorption in a nematic liquid crystal forming H-bonds
1998: Dimerization in trans-4-butylcyclohexanecarboxylic acid and in its mixture with 12% cis-isomer observed via 1H- and 2H-NMR
1998: Magnetic field controlled optical phase retardation in a hybrid nematic cell
1998: Self-screening of Langmuir-Blodgett films by a discotic micellar lyotropic liquid crystal
1998: Spontaneous chiral domains in the nematic phase of achiral trans-4-alkylcyclohexanecarboxylic acids
1998: X-ray investigation of new isomeric oxadiazoles
1999: Streamline image analysis: a new tool for investigating defects in nematic liquid crystals
2000: Light-induced anchoring transition in a 4,4'-disubstituted azobenzene nematic liquid crystal
2001: Dielectric, Calorimetric and Optical Investigations of Pyridine Containing Oxadiazoles
2001: Textures of homologues 4-{\i n}-alkyloxybenzoic acids: spontaneous chirality and surface memory
2002: Bidimensional periodic distortion in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
2002: Biperiodic Frederiks Instability of a Liquid Crystal Nematic Cell with Weak Anchoring: The Effect of the Saddle-Splay Elasticity
2002: X-Ray Diffraction Study of New Banana-Shaped 1,2,4-Oxadiazoles
2003: Bidimensional distortion in ferroelectric liquid crystals with strong anchoring in bookshelf geometry
2004: Influence of transverse Frederiks periodic deformation on optical phase shift in a nematic liquid crystal cell
2004: Surface Energy Dissipation in Homeotropic Nematic Layers: The Role of Flexoelectricity and Surfactant Desorption
2005: Impedance Spectroscopy of Water Solutions: The Role of Ions at the Liquid-Electrode Interface
2007: Experimental model of 3D volumetric display based on a stack of FLC light-scattering shutters
2009: New Chiral Dopant Possessing High Twisting Power


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