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Strey, R.

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Strey, Reinhard


Blunk, D.;   Burauer, S.;   Chen, Sow-Hsin;   Gotter, M.;   Jonströmer, M.;   Kaler, E.W.;   Kluge, K.;   Koehler, R.D.;   Lee, Lay-Theng;   Lichterfeld, F.;   Olsson, U.;   Penders, M.H.G.M.;   Reimer, J.;   Schmeling, T.;   Schmidt, C.;   Schomaecker, R.;   Schubert, K.-V.;   Sottmann, T.;   Stubenrauch, C.;   Söderman, Olle;   Tessendorf, R.;   Wennerström, H.;   Zhou, Xiao-Lin;   van Berlepsch, H.

Publication Titles

1986: Microstructure of microemulsions of the system water-n-tetradecane-alkyl polyglycol ether (C12E5)
1992: Nonionic bilayers in dilute solutions: effect of additives
1992: Observation of surface-induced layering in bicontinuous microemulsions
1993: Characterization of mesoscopic structures from polymerizable amphiphiles: the water-SSPOM system
1993: On the stability range of microemulsions: from the tricritical point to the lamellar phase in water/formamide-octane-polyoxyethylene monoalkyl ether (CiEj systems
1994: Effect of Ionic Surfactants on Nonionic Bilayers: Bending Elasticity of Weakly Charged Membranes
1994: The Lifshitz line in binary systems: Structures in water/C4E1 mixtures
1995: Lamellar and L3 Phases in the "Simple" H2O-C8E5-1-Octanol System: Evidence of Synergism
2002: General Patterns of the Phase Behavior of Mixtures of H2O, Alkanes, Alkyl Glucosides, and Cosurfactants
2003: On the connection between dilute and concentrated lamellar phases in phase diagrams of nonionic surfactants
2004: A new approach to lamellar phases (L{\sub {\f1 a}}) in water-non-ionic surfactant systems
2005: Monitoring of Sponge- (L3) and Lamellar Phase (Lα) formation kinetics: An investigation of fluid amphiphilic bilayer fusion and fission
2006: Lamellar phases and microemulsions in water-oil-surfactant systems: Alkyldimethyl phosphine oxides compared to alkyldiethyl phosphine oxides


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