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Stoebe, T.

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Cheng, M.;   Chou, C.-F.;   Clark, N.;   Dasgupta, C.;   Debe, D.A.;   Geer, R.;   Goodby, J.;   Goodby, J.W.;   Grantz, S.;   Guittard, F.;   Ho, J.T.;   Huang, C.C.;   Huang, S.N.;   Hui, S.W.;   Jiang, I.M.;   Jin, A.J.;   Kao, F.J.;   Ko, J.Y.;   Liu, H.;   Mach, P.;   Naciri, J.;   Nguyen, T.;   Nohira, H.;   Pindak, R.;   Pitchford, T.;   Reed, L.;   Shashidhar, R.;   Srajer, G.;   Surendranath, V.;   Veum, M.;   Wedell, E.D.;   de Jeu, Wim H.

Publication Titles

1990: Thermal property evolution toward effectively two-dimensional substrate-free systems
1991: An a.c. calorimeter for measuring heat capacity of free-standing liquid-crystal films
1991: Hexatic and crystal phase transitions in thin free-standing liquid-crystal films
1992: Effect of surface crystal-E order on the interior smectic -A-hexatic-B transition
1992: Heat Capacity Investigations of Extremely thin Liquid-Crystal free-standing films
1992: Layer-by-layer surface ordering near a continuous transition in free-standing liquid-crystal films
1992: Liquid-hexatic phase transitions in single molecular layers of liquid-crystal films
1992: Simultaneous Calorimetric and Reflectivity Measurements of Extremely Thin Liquid-Crystal Films
1992: Simultaneous measurement of heat capacity and in-plane density of thin free-standing liquid-crystal films
1992: Thickness dependence of the interior smectic A-hexatic B transition temperatures in liquid-crystal films
1993: Effect of free surfaces on the smectic A-hexatic B-crystal E transitions in thin free-standing films of the liquid-crystal compound heptyl 4'-pentyloxybiphenyl-4-carboxylate (75OBC)
1993: Heat-capacity anomalies from four-layer liquid-crystal films: experimental results and simulation results
1993: Monte Carlo simulation of a coupled XY model
1993: Simultaneous calorimetric and optical reflectivity measurements of extremely thin liquid crystal films
1993: Thermal properties of 'stacked hexatic phases' in liquid crystals
1994: Calorimetric investigation of the smectic-C-smectic-I transition in free-standing p-decyloxybenzylidene-p-amino-2-methylbutyl cinnamate films
1994: Heat capacity measurements of extremely thin substrate-free liquid-crystal films
1994: Nature of the layer-by-layer transition associated with the smectic-A-crystal-B transition in free-standing liquid-crystal films
1994: Nature of the smectic-A-hexatic-B-crystal-E transitions in extremely thin films determined by optical reflectivity measurements
1994: Novel results of extremely thin substrate-free liquid-crystal films obtained from calorimetric and computer simulation studies
1994: Surface tension of free-standing liquid-crystal films
1994: Unusual layer-thinning transition observed near the smectic-A-isotropic transition in free-standing liquid-crystal films
1995: Calorimetric and structural characterization of thin liquid-crystal films exhibiting the smectic-A-hexatic-B transitions
1995: Calorimetric, optical reflectivity and electron-diffraction studies of 4O.8 free-standing films
1995: Critical fluctuations near the smectic-A-smectic-C transition of a partially perfluorinated compound
1995: Layer-by-layer transitions in liquid crystals
1995: Novel layer-by-layer transitions found in free-standing liquid-crystal films
1995: Physical properties of thin substrate-free liquid-crystal films
1995: Surface tension of several liquid-crystal compounds in the smectic-A or smectic-Ad phase
1996: Characterization several novel phase transitions in a unique lower dimension system of free-standing liquid-crystal films
1996: Monte Carlo studies of helicity modulus and heat capacity of a coupled XY model in two dimensions
1996: Nature of the smectic-A-hexatic-B-crystal-B transitions of a liquid-crystal compound
1996: Nature of the smectic-A-smectic-C transition of a partially perfluorinated compound
1996: Surface tension of freestanding partially fluorinated liquid-crystal films
1997: Surface tension obtained from various smectic-A liquid-crystal free-standing films
1998: Surface Tension Obtained from Various Smectic Free-Standing Films: The Molecular Origin of Surface Tension


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