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Stille, W.

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Stille, Werner


Brömmel, F.;   Chen, B.;   Cho, T.Y.;   Christoph, G.;   Finkelmann, Heino;   Götz, S.;   Hoffmann, A.;   Immerschitt, S.;   Kim, S.T.;   Kniesel, S.;   Koch, T.;   Lehnert, R.;   Litvina, T.G.;   Pashkovskii, E.E.;   Pashkovsky, E.;   Pashkovsky, E.E.;   Pashkrovsky, E.;   Pollmann, P.;   Raviol, A.;   Scheuermann, H.;   Schmidt, F.;   Schmidtke, J.;   Schönstein, M.;   Seiberle, H.;   Siepmann, J.;   Sigel, R.;   Stegemeyer, Horst;   Storz, R.;   Strobl, G.;   Strobl, G.R.;   Strohl, G.;   Talebi, D.

Publication Titles

1979: Circular fluorescence polarization of achiral molecules in cholesteric liquid crystals
1989: Kinetics of Rotational Motion in LC-Polymer/Monomer Mixtures
1990: A comparative study of individual and collective rotational motion in mixtures of liquid crystalline side group polymers and low-molecular-weight mesogens
1990: Comparative Dielectric and Viscosimetric Study of Rotational Motion in Nematic Liquid Crystals
1991: Molecular Weight Dependence of Rotational Diffusion Constant and Rotational Viscosity of LC Side Group Polymers
1991: Surface Induced Nematic Order of Liquid Crystals in the Isotropic Phase - A Reflection Ellipsometry Analysis
1992: Dependence of the Rotational Viscosity of Binary Nematic Mixtures on the Rotational Diffusion Constants of its Components
1992: Pretransitional nematic surface order in the isotropic phase of phenylcyclohexanes
1992: Use of ellipsometry in a study of the surface order in the isotropic phase of a liquid-crystalline polyacrylate
1993: Dependence of the rotational viscosity of nematic mixtures on the rotational diffusion constants of their components
1993: Dynamic Mechanical and Stress-Optical Measurements on Liquid Crystalline Side Group Elastomers
1993: Kinetics of rotational motion in liquid-crystalline polymers
1993: Molecular weight dependence of the rotational diffusion constant and the rotational viscosity of liquid crystalline side-group polymers
1993: Molecular weight dependence of the rotational diffusion constant and the rotational viscosity of nematic side-group polymers
1993: Near-critical behavior of the dynamic stress-optical coefficient in liquid crystalline elastomers
1994: Dynamics of rotational motion in liquid crystalline systems
1994: Pattern Formation in Nematic Polymer Solutions at the Twist Freederiks Transition
1995: Dissipative Structures of Nematic Polymer Solutions in a Rotating Magnetic Field
1995: Dynamics of Freedericksz transitions in nematic solutions of mesogenic polymers
1995: Periodic pattern formation in side-group polymer nematic solutions at the twist Frederiks transition
1995: The effect of molecular association and tube dilation on the rotational viscosity and rotational diffusion in nematic liquid crystals
1996: Director Field Patterns of Nematic Polymer Solutions at Asynchronous Rotation in a Magnetic Field
1997: Director field patterns of nematic polymer solutions at asynchronous rotation in a magnetic field
1997: The Effect of Molecular Association and Tube Dilation on Rotational Motion in Nematic Liquid Crystals
1997: The effect of dissolved side-group polymers on pattern dynamics in nematic liquid crystals in a rotating magnetic field
1999: Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
2000: Dynamics of backbone chain and side groups in a nematic liquid single crystal elastomer studied by combined mechanical and stress-optical measurements
2001: Effect of the network on the director fluctuations in a nematic side-group elastomer analyzed by static and dynamic light scattering
2002: Laser Emission in a Dye Doped Cholesteric Polymer Network
2003: Photonic defect modes in cholesteric liquid crystal films
2003: Probing the photonic properties of cholesteric liquid crystals by fluorescent guest molecules
2004: Optical Microresonators Formed by Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
2005: Mechanically tunable photonic properties of cholesteric elastomers
2006: Variation of the network anisotropy of cholesteric elastomers
2007: The role of Frank elasticity in cholesteric elastomers
2007: The role of Frank elasticity in cholesteric elastomers
2007: Zero Growth Temperature of Crystallizing Polyethylene
2008: Metastable untwisted states in cholesteric elastomers
2008: Molecular order and dynamics in biaxial liquid crystalline elastomers
2009: Deformation of cholesteric elastomers by uniaxial stress along the helix axis


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