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Stiller, Burkhard

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Stiller, B.


Brehmer, Ludwig;   Büchel, Michael;   Ito, Shinzaburo;   Knobloch, Harald;   Knoll, Wolfgang;   Neckers, Douglas C.;   Orendi, Horst;   Oriol, Luis;   Piñol, Milagros;   Sarker, Ananda M.;   Seki, Takahiro;   Serrano, José Luis;   Strehmel, Bernd;   Strehmel, Veronika;   Stumpe, Joachim;   Tejedor, Rosa M.

Publication Titles

1996: Command surface induced switching of the optical properties of liquid crystalline thin film structures
2003: Fluorinated Distyrylbenzene Containing Copolymers for Photoinduced Formation of Anisotropic Materials as Photoalignment Layers for Liquid Crystals
2005: Photoreactive main-chain liquid-crystalline polyesters: Synthesis, characterization, and photochemistry

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