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Sterzynski, Tomasz

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Sterzynski, T.


Brostow, Witold;   Carius, Hans-Eckart;   D'Souza, Nandika Anne;   Garbarczyk, Jozef;   Guigner, Delphine;   Hess, Michael;   Lopez, Betty L.;   Maksimov, R.D.;   Maksimov, Robert;   Schönhals, Andreas;   Triouleyre, Sebastian

Publication Titles

1996: Blends of a longitudinal polymer liquid crystal with polycarbonate: relation of the phase diagram to mechanical properties
1996: Dielectric and Mechanical Relaxation in the Blends of a Polymer Liquid Crystal with Polycarbonate
1996: Rheological properties and morphology of binary blends of a longitudinal polymer liquid crystals with engineering polymers
1996: Structure and properties of injection molded blends of liquid crystal polymer (40 PET/60 PHB) with poly (butylene terephthalate)
1997: Prediction of properties for polymer liquid crystal + thermoplastic blends


Annu. Tech. Conf. - Soc. Plast. Eng., 55th, 2682
Macromolecules, 29, 5017
Mekh. Kompoz. Mater. (Zinatne), 32, 676
Polymer, 37, 1551
Polymer, 37, 1561

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