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Stein, Richard S.

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Stein, R.S.;   Stein, Richard Stephen


Bieringer, Thomas;   Boudreau, David M.;   Cohen-Addad, Sylvie;   Deutscher, Klaus;   Ernst, Benoit;   Esnault, Philippe;   Garay, Raul O.;   Haarer, Dietrich;   Hashimoto, Takeji;   Hsiao, Benjamin S.;   Kita, Shuichi;   Kostromine, Sergey G.;   Lillya, C. Peter;   Müller, Jörg;   Müller, Jörg A.;   Navard, Patrick;   Rojstaczer, Sergio;   Srinivasarao, Mohan;   Takebe, Tomoaki;   Winter, H. Henning;   Wu, Bing;   Zilker, Stephan J.;   van Egmond, Jan W.

Publication Titles

1988: Domain growth in thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers by small angle light scattering
1990: Optical anisotropy of a thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer in transient shear
1990: Small-angle light scattering of polymer liquid crystals under shear flow
1991: Liquid-crystalline polyester and polysulfone mixtures: observation of phase separation and aggregation
1992: Light scattering studies of liquid crystal dispersions
1992: Rheo-optical properties of a thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer
1992: Rheooptics of an aligned thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer
1993: Defect formation at the nematic to isotropic phase in a liquid crystalline polymer
1993: Light scattering studies of liquid crystal dispersions
1994: Physical studies of a series of main-chain liquid crystalline polymers with long soft segment
1995: Optical properties of polymers and liquid crystals in electrical, magnetic, and hydrodynamic fields
1995: Scattering from polymer films and its application to optical properties of blends and display devices
1995: Shear induced periodic patterns in solutions of poly(benzyl glutamate) at the transition from uniform alignment to texture
1996: Rotation of liquid crystalline macromolecules in shear flow and shear-induced periodic orientation patterns
1998: Holographic data storage in amorphous polymers
1999: Conoscopic observations of shear-induced rotations in nematic liquid crystals


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