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Stein, R.S.

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Stein, Richard S.;   Stein, Richard Stephen


Beaucage, G.;   Bhattacharya, S.K.;   Chang, C.;   Chu, W.;   Conner, W.C.;   Ehrlich, P.;   Gaudiana, R.;   Hahn, P.E.;   Hasegawa, H.;   Hashimoto, T.;   Hong, S.D.;   Hsiao, B.S.;   Hu, S.;   Jabarin, S.A.;   Kulkarni, S.;   Lenz, Robert W.;   Li, J.;   Misra, A.;   Muller, J.A.;   Müller, J.A.;   Nakai, A.;   Porter, R.S.;   Qian, B.;   Rhodes, M.B.;   Rojstaczer, S.;   Shiwaku, T.;   Wang, X.;   Weeks, N.;   Whaley, P.D.;   Winter, H.H.;   Xu, M.

Publication Titles

1968: Light scattering by liquid crystals
1970: Light Scattering Studies of Orientation Correlations in Cholesteryl Esters
1973: Light scattering and microscopic investigations of mesophase transition of cholesteryl myristate. I. Morphology of the cholesteric phase
1973: Light scattering and microscopic investigations of mesophase transitions of cholesteryl myristate. II. Kinetics of spherulite formation
1975: Effect of internal field on the birefringence of polyethylene crystals and on the anisotropy of polymer chains. I. Birefringence effects
1986: Kinetics of phase transition of a liquid-crystalline polymer
1988: Morphological features and orientational relaxation of films obtained from a liquid-crystalline polyester
1988: Morphology of a liquid-crystalline polyester film
1988: Texture formation in liquid crystalline polymers
1989: Rheooptical studies of a thermotropic liquid-crystalline polyester
1989: Small-angle light scattering from nematic liquid crystals: fluctuations of director field due to many-body interactions of disclinations
1991: Light scattering of thermotropic polyester and polysulfone mixtures in solution
1994: Director dynamics of uniformly aligned nematic liquid crystals in transient shear flow
1995: Shear induced transition from uniform alignment of rodlike molecules to polydomain texture and vice versa
1998: Isotactic polypropylene foams crystallized from compressed propane solutions


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