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Steinberg, Victor

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Steinberg, V.


Bar-Joseph, Israel;   Brand, Helmut R.;   Braun, Erez;   Burghelea, Teodor;   Groisman, Alex;   Hohenberg, Pierre C.;   Rasenat, Steffen;   Rehberg, Ingo;   Segre, Enrico

Publication Titles

1984: Codimension-2 bifurcations for convection in binary fluid mixtures
1989: Traveling Waves and Defect-Initiated Turbulence in Electroconvecting Nematics
1990: Experimental studies of defect dynamics and interaction in electrohydrodynamic convection
1991: Eckhaus instability and defect nucleation in two-dimensional anisotropic systems
2002: Wave drag due to generation of capillary-gravity surface waves
2004: Chaotic flow and efficient mixing in a microchannel with a polymer solution


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Phys. Rev. A, 42, 5998
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Phys. Rev. Lett., 62, 756

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