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Stebler, Bengt

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Stebler, B.


Adomenas, Povilas;   Andersson, Gunnar;   Arntzen, Per-Otto;   Buivydas, Marius;   Busson, Philippe;   Bömelburg, Jan;   Demus, Dietrich;   Eriksson, Anders;   Gedde, Ulf W.;   Gouda, Fathi;   Helgee, Bertil;   Heppke, Gerd;   Hermann, David;   Hermann, David S.;   Hult, Anders;   Hult, Bo Anders;   Komitov, Lachezar;   Lagerwall, Jan;   Lagerwall, Sven;   Lagerwall, Sven T.;   Lagerwall, Sven Torbjörn;   Lindgren, Mikael;   Lindström, Jan;   Rudquist, Per;   Sahlen, Carl Fredrik;   Sahlén, Fredrik;   Skarp, Kent;   Trollsås, Mikael;   Trollsås, Olof Mikael;   Örtegren, Jonas

Publication Titles

1995: Soft mode dielectric response and rotational viscosity of a ferroelectric liquid crystal polymer
1995: The spontaneous polarization and rotational viscosity in host-dopant mixtures
1996: A broad band antiferroelectric liquid crystalline mixture: physical properties
1996: Liquid-crystalline polymer material with permanent nonlinear optical activity and producing the polymeric material and use thereof in optical components.
1996: Novel Thermally Stable Polymer Materials for Second-Order Nonlinear Optics
1998: Influence of molecular tilt angle on the SHG response of pyroelectric liquid crystal polymers
1998: Optical anisotropy of pyroelectric liquid crystalline polymer films: Numerical modeling and m-line characterization
1998: Second-harmonic light generation in pyroelectric liquid -crystal polymers
2000: Liquid-crystal electrooptic device
2002: Surface- and Field-Induced AFLC Structures Detected by Dielectric Spectroscopy


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WO 2000.003.288 (2000/01/20)
WO 9.624.648 (1996/08/15)

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