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Stannarius, Ralf

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Stannarius, R.


Aksenov, V.;   Aksenov, Victor;   Amm, Heidrun;   Baumeister, Ute;   Becker, Alice;   Behn, U.;   Behn, Ulrich;   Birnstock, J.;   Bläsing, J.;   Bohley, C.;   Bohley, Christian;   Boley, C.;   Chien, L.-C.;   Clark, Noel A.;   Coleman, Dave;   Cramer, C.;   Cramer, Ch.;   Cramer, Christiane;   Crawford, G.P.;   Das, B.;   Das, Banani;   Davis, Riju;   Deindörfer, Pia;   Diele, Siegmar;   Dietrich, U.;   Doane, J.W.;   Dunemann, U.;   Dunemann, Ulrike;   Eremin, A.;   Eremin, Alexey;   Feller, G.;   Findeisen, Mathias;   Findeisen, Sonja;   Findeisen-Tandel, Sonja;   Fodor-Csorba, Katalin;   Geiger, T.;   Geschke, D.;   Geschke, Dieter;   Gotzig, H.;   Grande, S.;   Grande, Siegbert;   Grigutsch, M.;   Grigutsch, Maren;   Groothues, Herbert;   Harth, Kirsten;   Heuer, J.;   Heuer, Jana;   John, T.;   John, Thomas;   Jones, Chris;   Klöpper, N.;   Kraich, P.;   Kremer, Friedrich;   Kresse, H.;   Kresse, Horst;   Köhler, R.;   Kölsch, Patrick;   Kühnau, U.;   Langer, C.;   Langer, Christian;   Li, J.;   Li, J.-J.;   Li, Jian-Jun;   Lösche, M.;   Müller, F.;   Müller, Frank;   Nadasi, H.;   Nadasi, Hajnalka;   Naji, L.;   Naji, Lama;   Nemes, A.;   Nemes, Alexandru;   Noack, F.;   Oehler, Steffen;   Pelzl, G.;   Pelzl, Gerhard;   Pleiner, Harald;   Rizanski, A.;   Rozanski, Stanislaw;   Rozanski, Stanislaw A.;   Róza'ski, Stanislaw A.;   Rößle, Martin;   Schmiedel, H.;   Schmiedel, Herbert;   Schröder, M.W.;   Schröder, Martin W.;   Schulz, M.;   Schulz, Mario;   Schüring, H.;   Schüring, Heidrun;   Senf, F.;   Stegemeyer, Horst;   Stern, S.;   Stern, Stefan;   Stern, Stephan;   Tamba, G.;   Tamba, M.-G.;   Tamba, Maria Gabriela;   Tamba, Maria-Gabriela;   Tammer, Michael;   Tolksdorf, Christian;   Trittel, T.;   Völtz, Camilla;   Weissflog, W.;   Weissflog, Wolfgang;   Zentel, Rudolf;   Zimmermann, Walter

Publication Titles

1985: Evidence for a glassy smectic C phase
1990: NMR diffusion measurements in cholesteric liquid crystals - pitch length. Temperature and time dependence
1991: Nematic Director Orientation in Liquid Crystal Dispersed Polymers
1992: Determination of Visco-Elastic Coefficients from the Transmission of a Planar LC-Cell with low Frequency Modulated Voltage
1993: Magnetically Induced Transient Structures in the Twist Fréedericksz Transition of Low Molecular Mass LC
1993: Study of the Dynamical Behavious of 2D Inhomogenously Deformed LC Layers
1994: Chiral Liquid Crystals Confined to Cylindrical Microcavities
1994: Investigation of the Dynamical Behaviour of Nematic LCs in Thin Cells
1994: Transient Structures During the Reorientation of Low Molecular Mass Nematics in Magnetic Fields Investigated by Optical Microscopy and NMR
1995: Spontaneous Pattern Formation in Nematic LC Subject to Continously Rotating Magnetic Fields
1996: Dielectric properties of the nematic liquid crystal 4-n-pentyl-4'-cyano biphenyl in porous membranes
1997: Comment on "Periodic distortions in lyotropic nematic calamitic liquid crystals "
1997: Determination of the order parameter in nematic liquid crystal confined to anopore membranes
1997: Experimental Study of "Smectic Soap Bubbles"
1997: Surface tension measurements in freely suspended bubbles of thermotropic smectic liquid crystals
1997: The dielectric properties of nematic liquid crystal 5CB confined to treated and untreated Anopore membranes
1997: Transient stripe patterns of nematics in a continuously rotating magnetic field
1998: Diamagnetic properties of nematic liquid crystals
1998: Dielectric properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals confined in inorganic micropores
1998: Dielectric spectroscopy of nematic liquid crystals confined to anapore membranes
1998: Elastic properties of nematic liquid crystals
1998: Electrically driven instabilities in smectic liquid crystal films
1998: Electrohydrodynamic instabilities in freely suspended smectic C films
1998: Optical characterization of electroconvection in nematics
1998: Spatiotemporal analysis of electroconvection in nematics
1999: Comment on "Corresponding states of periodic structures in nematic liquid crystals"
1999: Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
1999: On-Off Intermittency in Stochastically Driven Electrohydrodynamic Convection in Nematics
2000: Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
2001: Liquid Crystal Elastomer Balloons
2001: Structure and dynamics of ferroelectric liquid crystals under random geometrical restrictions
2002: Are Hockey Sticks Bananasc
2002: Electro-optic study of antiferroelectric freely suspended films of bent-core mesogens in the B2 phase
2002: Gas Permeation through Ultrathin Liquid Films
2002: Indication for a flexoelectric mode in nanoconfined ferroelectric liquid crystal
2002: Isotropic Droplets in Thin Free Standing Smectic Films
2002: Layer structure of free-standing smectic LC elastomer films
2002: On-off Intermittency and Stochastically Driven Convection in Nematic Liquid Crystals
2003: Electroclinic effect in free-standing smectic elastomer films studied by optical interferometry
2003: Evidence for chiral smectic mesophases formed by straight-core achiral mesogens
2003: Ferroelectric Smectic Phase Formed by Achiral Straight Core Mesogens
2003: Hydrogen bonded ferroelectric liquid crystal gels in freely suspended film geometry
2003: Investigations of hydrogen bonded liquid crystal gels
2003: Isotropic droplets in free standing smectic films
2003: Laser diffraction by periodic dynamic patterns in anisotropic fluids
2004: Hockey-stick mesogens as interesting variation of bent-core mesogens
2004: Isotropic droplets in SmC free standing films - Topological interactions and self-organization
2004: Paraelectric-antiferroelectric phase transitions in the bent-core liquid crystalline materials
2004: Preparation of subharmonic patterns in nematic EHC
2004: Preparation of subharmonic patterns in nematic electroconvection
2004: Proton NMR investigation of a hydrogen-bonded liquid crystal gel
2004: The first bent-core mesogens exhibiting a dimorphism B7-SmCPA
2004: The first bent-core mesogens exhibiting a dimorphism B7-SmCP
2005: Labyrinthine instabilities in polar smectics
2005: Labyrinthine instability in polar free-standing liquid crystalline films
2005: Liquid droplets on free standing smectic films: Topological interactions and self-organization
2005: Organic Gel-forming agents and liquid crystalline phases
2005: Plucking a liquid chord: mechanical response of a liquid crystal filament
2005: Tunes of a liquid chord: Mechanical properties of freely suspended LC filaments
2006: Excitation symmetries and existence of subharmonic electroconvection patterns
2006: Free standing liquid filaments formed by bent-shaped mesogens
2006: Gelation of smectic liquid crystal phases with photosensitive gel forming agents
2006: Induction of a biaxial nematic phase by means of an electric field
2006: Mechanical Properties of Freely Suspended LC Filaments
2006: Microscopic structures of the B7 Phase: AFM and electronmicroscopy studies
2006: Reentrant EHC Patterns Under Superimposed Square Wave Excitation
2006: Shear flow induced by elastic relaxation in freely suspended liquid-crystal films
2006: Smectic membranes: Rupture dynamics and foam coarsening
2006: Strain induced compression of smectic-A layers in free standing liquid crystalline elastomer films
2006: Structure characterization of free-standing filaments drawn in the liquid crystal state
2006: Vortex Flow in Freestanding Smectic Films Driven by Elastic Relaxation of the c Director
2007: Collapse and rupture of smectic membranes
2007: Electro-optics and pattern formation of a nematic phase formed by bent-core mesogens
2007: Energetics of 2D colloids in free-standing smectic C films
2007: Experimental evidence for an electrically induced transition into a biaxial nematic phase
2007: FTIR spectroscopy of smectic elastomer films under lateral strain
2007: Free standing filaments formed by bent-shaped molecules
2007: Manipulation of smectic layer thickness in smectic elastomers by means of uniaxial stretching
2008: Comment on "Dynamics of electro-optical switching processes in surface stabilized biaxial nematic phase found in bent-core liquid crystal" [J. Appl. Phys. 101, 034105 (2007)]
2008: Electrically Induced Tilt in Achiral Bent-Core Liquid Crystals
2008: Inclusions in free standing smectic liquid crystal films
2008: Longitudinal and normal electroconvection rolls in a nematic liquid crystal with positive dielectric and negative conductivity anisotropy
2008: Model for flow induced in regularly distorted free standing smectic films
2008: Novel electro-optic multistage switching in a polar smectic material
2008: Rupture of smectic bubbles
2008: Structure and dynamics of 2D smectic foams
2009: A model for a field-induced ferrielectric state in a bent-core mesogen
2009: At the boundary to banana-shaped liquid crystals: polar properties of phases formed by new asymmetric achiral four-ring bent-core mesogens
2009: Comparison of the rupture dynamics of smectic bubbles and soap bubbles
2009: Corona Patterns around Inclusions in free-standing smectic films
2009: From soap foams to thermotropic liquid crystal foams
2009: In search for polar switchable crystalline materials derived from bent-core molecules
2009: Multistage switching in a novel bent-core smectic
2009: Quadratic electroclinic effect in smectics formed by bent-core mesogens


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