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Srinivasarao, M.


Amundson, Karl;   Amundson, Karl R.;   Berry, G.C.;   Berry, Guy C.;   Collard, David M.;   Crne, Matija;   Garay, Raul O.;   Jarvholm, Jonas;   Kaatz, Philip G.;   Kita, Shuichi;   Kleman, M.;   Kumar, Satyendra;   Mattoussi, Hedi;   Mendez, John;   Mirau, Peter A.;   Müller, Jörg;   Padilla, Luis;   Pargellis, Andrew N.;   Park, Jung O.;   Park, Jung Ok;   Qiu, Liou;   Rey, Alejandro D.;   Sharma, Vivek;   Stein, Richard S.;   Tolbert, Laren M.;   Wang, Qing-Bing;   Winter, H. Henning;   Yurke, Bernard;   Zhou, Jian;   de Luca, Gino

Publication Titles

1991: Birefringence and order of liquid crystal polymer solutions
1991: Rheooptical studies on aligned nematic solutions of a rodlike polymer
1992: Conoscopy of liquid crystals
1992: Effects of molecular elasticity on out-of-plane orientations in shearing flows of liquid - crystalline polymers
1992: Light scattering studies of liquid crystal dispersions
1992: Magnetic field induced instability on an aligned nematic solution of a rodlike polymer
1992: Melting and recrystallization during mesophase transitions of a thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer
1992: Refractive indexes dispersion and order of lyotropic liquid crystal polymers
1992: Rheo-optical properties of a thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer
1992: Rheology and rheooptics of polymer liquid crystals: an overview of theory and experiment
1992: Rheooptics of an aligned thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer
1993: Defect formation at the nematic to isotropic phase in a liquid crystalline polymer
1993: Light scattering studies of liquid crystal dispersions
1993: Shear rheology and shear-induced textures of a thermotropic copolyester amide
1995: Optical properties of polymers and liquid crystals in electrical, magnetic, and hydrodynamic fields
1995: Rheology and rheo-optics of polymer liquid crystals
1995: Scattering from polymer films and its application to optical properties of blends and display devices
1996: A novel surface anchoring transition in photopolymerized polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films
1996: Dynamics of monopole annihilation by type-1/2 strings in a nematic liquid crystal
1996: On the formation of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films: Real-time observations of phase separation
1996: Surface anchoring and electrooptics in polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal films
1997: Biologically inspired design: color on wings
1997: NMR characterization of liquid crystal -polymer interactions in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
1997: Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal composition
1998: Liquid-crystal-anchoring transitions at surfaces created by polymerization-induced phase separation
1999: Nano-Optics in the Biological World: Beetles, Butterflies, Birds, and Moths
2002: Control of the Anchoring Behavior of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals: Effect of Branching in the Side Chains of Polyacrylates
2005: Control of Anchoring of Nematic Fluids at Polymer Surfaces Created by in Situ Photopolymerization
2005: Control of Polymer Structures in Phase-Separated Liquid Crystal-Polymer Composite Systems
2006: Microscopic Observations and Simulations of Bloch Walls in Nematic Thin Films
2009: Non-classical scaling for forced wetting of a nematic fluid on a polymeric fiber
2009: Structural Origin of Circularly Polarized Iridescence in Jeweled Beetles
2009: Traversing the "Top-Down/Bottom-Up" Divide: Molecular-Scale Lithography of Self-Assembled Ribbons


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