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Spassky, Nicolas

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Spassky, N.


Blackwood, Keith M.;   Bunel, Claude;   Callan, John F.;   Callau, Lourdes;   Carriere, Francois;   Chiellini, Emo;   Date, Richard W.;   Delgado, Anne Sousa;   Dubois, Jean-Claude;   Esselin, Sophie;   Fawcett, Allan H.;   Friedrich, Claude;   Galli, Giancarlo;   Lacoudre, Nelly;   Lacoudre, Nicole;   Le Barny, Pierre;   Le Borgne, Alain;   Leborgne, Alain;   Legrand, Cécile;   Malanga, Corrado;   Malcolm, R. Karl;   Mantecon, Ana;   McCaffery, Gerry O.;   Noel, Claudine;   Noël, Claudine;   Pham, Helene;   Piercourt, Stéphane;   Reina, Jose Antonio;   Sepulchre, Maurice;   Taton, Daniel;   Tessier, Martine;   Trentin, Virginie;   Vairon, Jean Pierre;   Vairon, Jean-Pierre

Publication Titles

1983: Chiral liquid crystal polymers. 3. Structurally ordered thermotropic polyesters of optically active propylene glycol ethers
1988: Mesomorphic polymers containing side chains, derived from 1-phenyl-2-(4-cyanophenyl)ethane
1988: Synthesis and characterization of some terminally cyano-substituted side-chain liquid crystalline polyacrylates
1990: Side-chain liquid-crystalline polyacrylates containing heterocyclic mesogenic groups. 1. Influence of the substituent and the number of phenyl groups on the mesomorphous properties
1990: Side-chain liquid-crystalline polyacrylates containing heterocyclic mesogenic groups. 2. Influence of the length of the spacer group on the mesomorphous properties
1992: Synthesis of side-chain liquid-crystalline polyethers by chemical modification of polyepichlorohydrin
1993: Liquid crystal crown ether derived from cyclic tetramer of epichlorohydrin
1993: Synthesis and modification of defined plurifunctional and racemic polyethers and polyesters
1994: Synthesis and thermal properties of side-chain liquid crystalline polyethers with racemic and chiral backbone
1995: Synthesis and thermal properties of side-chain liquid-crystalline poly(glycidyl ethers) with racemic and chiral backbone
1997: Chirality induction in liquid crystalline side-chain polyethers prepared by copolymerization of oxiranes with mesogenic and non-mesogenic groups
1997: Grafting of mesogenic groups onto polymers having a polyether main chain: DSC study of the polymers
1997: Side chain liquid crystalline polyethers
1999: Tacticity, crystallinity and layer spacings in poly(1-olefin sulfone)s
1999: Vinyl-Terminated Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Poly(epichlorohydrin) Derivatives Containing Biphenyl and Naphthalene Mesogenic Moieties


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