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Soto Garrido, G.


Aguilera, C.;   Athanassopoulou, M.;   Finkelmann, Heino;   Griesar, K.;   Haase, W.;   Pfeiffer, M.;   Salas Reyes, V.;   Schumacher, E.

Publication Titles

1993: Determination of molecular tilt angle of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
1994: Mesogenic and magnetic properties of nickel(II) complexes formed from 2'-(4-alkyloxyphenyl)malondialdehydes
1994: Metallo-mesogens of copper(II) with .alpha.-(p-alkoxyphenyl)malondialdehydes
1996: Synthesis and characterization of bis[(3-chloro-4-dodecyloxyphenyl)malondialdehyde] complexes of copper(II) and nickel(II)

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