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Soto Bustamante, E.A.

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Bustamante, E.A. Soto;   Soto Bustamante, Eduardo A.;   Soto Bustamante, Eduardo Arturo;   Soto-Bustamante, E.A.


Athanassopoulou, M.A.;   Beresnev, L.A.;   Blinov, Lev M.;   Clark, Noel A.;   Encina, P.A. Navarrete;   Galyametdinov, Y.;   Galyametdinov, Yu.;   Galyametdinov, Yu.G.;   Ganzke, D.;   Griesar, K.;   Großmann, S.;   Haase, W.;   Haase, W.H.;   Haase, Wolfgang;   Hanemann, T.;   Iablonsky, S.V.;   Kats, E.I.;   Kharitonova, O.;   Kozlovskii, M.V.;   Kozlovsky, M.V.;   Link, D.R.;   Navarrete Encina, P.A.;   Navarrete-Encina, P.A.;   Ostrovskii, B.I.;   Ovchinnikov, I.;   Saldano, D.;   Subachius, D.B.;   Sulianov, S.N.;   Tinchurina, L.;   Vergara-Tolosa, R.;   Vergara-Toloza, R.;   Werner, R.;   Weyrauch, Thomas;   Yablonskii, S.V.;   Yablonskij, S.V.;   Yudin, S.G.

Publication Titles

1993: Synthesis and characterization of new liquid-crystalline dyes for nonlinear optics
1994: Piezoelectric effect in poled amorphous and liquid crystalline polymers determination of piezoelectric coefficients d31. A new approach
1995: A Fluorinated LC Copolymer for Nonchiral Ferroelectric Smectic Phase
1995: Magnetic investigations of liquid crystalline metallopolymers
1996: Antiferroelectric achiral mesogenic polymer
1996: Antiferroelectric behavior of achiral mesogenic polymer mixtures
1996: Recent results on liquid crystalline metallopolymers
1996: Synthesis and Magnetic Investigations on Rare-Earth-Containing Liquid Crystals with Large Magnetic Anisotropy
1996: X-ray study of bilayer titled structures for side-chain liquid crystal polymers
1997: Antiferroelectricity in Achiral Mesogenic Mixtures of Organic Materials
1997: Synthesis and characterization of new liquid crystalline monomers for nonlinear optics. X-ray study of re-entrant nematic behavior with smectic-like fluctuations of C-type
2000: Antiferroelectricity in achiral mesogenic mixtures of organic materials
2000: Bilayer-by-bilayer antiferroelectric ordering in freely suspended films of an achiral polymer-monomer liquid crystal mixture
2000: Corona-charged thin films composed from antiferroelectric solid mixtures of achiral side-chain liquid crystalline polymers and their monomers
2000: Investigations on new achiral polymeric liquid crystalline mixtures using a pyroelectric modulation technique
2002: Combination of Monomer and Polymer Possessing Different Alkyl and Spacer Chain Lengths in Antiferroelectric Achiral Mixtures
2002: Design of Achiral Mesogenic Mixtures of Polymer-Monomers to Achieve High Polarization Reponses
2002: X-ray investigations on some liquid crystalline methacrylic polymers with {\f1 w}-hexyloxysalicylaldimine side groups carrying p-alkyl or p-alkyloxy terminal substituents


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