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Smith, P.

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Smith, Patrick;   Smith, Paul


Alder, P.;   Bastiaansen, C.;   Broer, D.J.;   Caseri, W.;   Chanzy, H.;   Chen, Y.;   Chevalier, J.;   Choffat, F.;   Dolden, J.G.;   Earnshaw, J.C.;   Friend, R.H.;   Greiner, A.;   Haderlein, G.;   Jones, D.B.;   Liou, K.;   Lynden-Bell, R.M.;   Montali, A.;   Nawrot, S.;   Peguy, A.;   Petersen, H.;   Postema, A.R.;   Schaper, A.;   Schmidt, C.;   Sirringhaus, H.;   Smith, W.;   Stutzmann, N.;   Tervoort, T.A.;   Visjager, J.;   Warman, J.M.;   Weder, Ch.;   Wendorff, Joachim H.;   Wombacher, R.;   Wudl, F.;   de Haas, M.P.

Publication Titles

1982: Phase behavior of the quasiternary system N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide, water, and cellulose
1990: Highly oriented low-modulus materials from liquid-crystalline polymers: the ultimate penalty for solubilizing alkyl side chains
1995: The synthesis and characterization of liquid crystalline oligoimides and polyimides
1998: New photoluminescent display devices
1999: Synthesis and properties of liquid crystalline aromatic copolyesters with lactide moieties
1999: The surface-ordered phase of liquid heptadecane: a simulation study
2000: The behaviour of liquid alkanes near interfaces
2002: Microcutting Materials on Polymer Substrates
2003: Design, Synthesis, and Properties of New Biodegradable Aromatic/Aliphatic Liquid Crystalline Copolyesters
2006: Charge Mobility in the Room-Temperature Liquid-Crystalline Semiconductor Poly(di-n-butylstannane)


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