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Smith, A.P.

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Smith, Allan P.;   Smith, Archie P.


Ade, H.;   Bai, C.;   Balik, C.M.;   Hsiao, B.;   Koch, C.C.;   Liu, D.-J.;   Lui, S.-C.;   Plotzker, I.;   Rightor, E.;   Saw, C.K.;   Sloop, C.;   Spontak, R.J.;   Subramoney, S.;   Wood, B.;   Zhuang, G.R.

Publication Titles

1995: X-ray microscopy of polymeric materials and sample preparation issues
1996: X-ray microscopy of multiphase polymeric materials
1998: Liquid crystalline polymer/PET blends via mechanical attrition
1998: X-ray microscopy of novel thermoplastic/liquid crystalline polymer blends by mechanical alloying

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