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Slussarenko, S.

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Slussarenko, Sergei;   Slussarenko, Sergej;   Slussarenko, Sergey


Abbate, G.;   Andrienko, D.;   Chen, P.;   Chen, P.H.;   Dyadyusha, A.;   Fedorenko, D.;   Francescangeli, O.;   Guenther, B.D.;   Guenther, Brett D.;   Kaczmarek, M.;   Khoo, I.-C.;   Lavrentovich, O.;   Lucchetti, L.;   Marino, A.;   Marusii, T.;   Oton, J.M.;   Ouskova, E.;   Pepe, I.;   Reshetnyak, V.;   Reznikov, Yu.;   Sakhno, O.;   Shih, M.Y.;   Shih, Min-Yi;   Shishido, A.;   Simoni, F.;   Stumpe, J.;   Tkachenko, V.;   Uskova, O.;   Vita, F.;   Voloshchenko, D.;   Wood, M.V.;   Wood, W.V.

Publication Titles

1996: Director turning on isotropic surface due to light-induced torque in a bulk of nematic liquid crystal
1997: Dye-doped liquid crystals as high-resolution recording media
1997: High resolution polarization gratings in liquid crystals
1997: Light Induced Anchoring and Memory Effects in Dye-Doped Liquid Crystals
1998: Laser beam modulation freezing on a liquid crystal surface
1998: Light induced anchoring and memory effects in dye-doped liquid crystals
1998: Optically induced space-charge fields, dc voltage, and extraordinarily large nonlinearity in dye-doped nematic liquid crystals
1998: Photoinduced space charge fields, photovoltaic effect, photorefractivity, and optical wave mixing in nematic liquid crystals
1999: Light-Induced Surface Sliding of the Nematic Director in Liquid Crystals
1999: Light-induced alignment and reorientation effects in liquid crystals doped with azo-dyes
1999: Photoalignment effect induced by angular momentum of light in dye-doped liquid crystals
2001: Supra optical nonlinearities (SON) of methyl red- and azobenzene liquid crystal - doped nematic liquid crystals
2002: Dynamic of Light-Induced Anchoring of Dye Doped Liquid Crystal on Not-Photosensitive Aligning Surface
2003: Orientational control of light propagation in liquid crystal waveguides
2004: The role of surface charge field in two-beam coupling in liquid crystal cells with photoconducting polymer layers
2006: New Generation of Holographic Gratings Based on Polymer-LC Composites: POLICRYPS and POLIPHEM
2008: New type of polymer-LC electrically switchable diffractive devices - POLIPHEM


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