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Skoulios, A.

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Skoulios, Antoine


Abied, H.;   Ailhaud, H.;   Alami, E.;   Amorim da Costa, A.M.;   Arkas, M.;   Arpin, M.;   Babeau, A.;   Barbarin, F.;   Bazuin, C.G.;   Benattar, Jean Jacques;   Blackmore, E.;   Bonnans-Plaisance, C.;   Bravo-Grimaldo, E.;   Burrows, H.D.;   Coles, H.J.;   Corsellis, E.A.;   Corvazier, L.;   Davidson, P.;   Destrade, C.;   Dexpert, H.;   Douce, L.;   Dugay, M.;   Duran, R.;   Duran, R.S.;   El-Ghayoury, A.;   Fadel, H.;   Fanelli, E.;   Ford, W.;   Forestier, S.;   Francois, B.;   Frere, Y.;   Gallot, B.;   Gallot, Y.;   Gehant, S.;   Geraldes, C.F.G.C.;   Giroud-Godquin, A.-M.;   Giroud-Godquin, A.M.;   Godquin-Giroud, A.M.;   Gramain, P.;   Gramain, Ph.;   Grosius, P.;   Guillon, D.;   Heinrich, B.;   Hilberer, A.;   Husson, F.;   Ibn-Elhaj, M.;   Ishida, T.;   Jallabert, C.;   Kajzar, F.;   Kardassi, D.;   Lang, G.;   Le Moigne, J.;   Leon, C.;   Levelut, Anne-Marie;   Levy, H.;   Luzzati, P.V.;   Luzzati, V.;   Maldevi, P.;   Maldivi, P.;   Malthête, J.;   Marcerou, J.P.;   Marchon, J.-C.;   Marchon, J.C.;   Masson, P.;   Mathis, A.;   McKeown, N.B.;   Michas, J.;   Millaud, B.;   Miller, R.D.;   Mustacchi, H.;   Navarro-Rodriguez, D.;   Nguyen, H.T.;   Nicoud, J.F.;   Paleos, C.;   Paleos, C.M.;   Piechocki, C.;   Piovesan, A.;   Poeti, G.;   Ringsdorf, Helmut;   Schuster, A.;   Seghrouchni, R.;   Seurin, P.;   Sideratou, Z.;   Sigaud, G.;   Simon, J.;   Soldera, A.;   Strazielle, C.;   Strommen, D.P.;   Strzelecka, H.;   Teixeira-Dias, J.J.C.;   Thibodeaux, A.F.;   Thierry, A.;   Tiddy, Gordon J.T.;   Tittarelli, F.;   Tournilhac, F.;   Tsiourvas, D.;   Turner, D.L.;   Veber, M.;   Weber, P.;   Wegner, G.;   Yannakopoulou, K.;   Zana, R.;   Ziessel, R.

Publication Titles

1957: Structure of the Liquid-Crystal Phases of the Soap?water System: Middle Soap and Neat Soap
1959: Structure of Anhydrous Sodium Soaps at High Temperatures
1960: La structure des colloïdes d'association. I. Les phases liquide-cristallines des systèmes amphiphile-eau
1962: La structure des colloïdes d'association. VI. Polymorphism des groupes polaires dans les phases mésomorphes des savons alcalins purs
1966: Interactions électriques dans les phases mésomorphes des systèmes amphiphile-eau: Rôle de la teneur en eau, de la longueur de la chaîne paraffinique, de la nature du cation, et de la température
1966: Liquid Crystals
1966: Structure des Savons de Rubidium
1966: Structure des savons alcalins I. Généralités et savons de lithium
1966: Structure des savons alcalins II. Savons de potassium
1966: Structure des savons alcalins III. Savons de césium et comparaison des monosavons alcalins
1968: Structure des savons alcalins IV. Disavons de lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium et césium
1969: Polymères amphipathiques
1970: Poly(2-vinylpyridine)-poly(4-vinylpyridine) block copolymers. Synthesis, characterization, and study of the mesomorphic phases
1970: Synthesis and properties of styrene-vinylpyridine sequence copolymers. Mesomorphic structures obtained in selective solvent media
1971: Macrostructure of block copolymers
1971: Structure of mesomorphic phases observed with block copolymers of different alkyl methacrylates
1975: Mesomorphic properties of block copolymers
1975: Small angle X-ray diffraction studies of the smectic polymorphism of di-(p,n-octadecyloxybenzilideneamino)-4,4-diphenyl
1976: Smectic polymorphism and melting processes of molecules in the case of 4,4'-di(p,n-alkoxybenzylideneamino)biphenyls
1976: Study of smectic polymorphism by dilatometry and x-ray diffractometry
1977: Smectic polymorphism of terephthal-bis-butylaniline
1977: Study of the nematic phase of a poly(paraphenylene terephthalamide)
1978: Role of molecular mass in the formation of thermotropic nematic phases
1978: Texture of the lyotropic nematic phases of 'rigid' macromolecules
1978: Thermotropic polymorphism of lauryl polyglutamate
1978: Thermotropic smectic mesophases of Schiff polybases
1979: Nematic phases in binary polymer-solvent mixtures
1979: Polymères nématogènes: seuil d'apparition de la texture à fils fins
1979: Thermotropic mesophases of poly(azomethines) with flexible chains
1979: Volume and x-ray diffraction study of cyanobenzylidene-p,n-octyloxyaniline (CBOOA)
1980: Dilatometric and diffractometric study of the liquid crystalline polymorphism of 3β-octyl-5α-cholestane
1980: Nematic phases of polymers
1981: Asymmetric smectic products. III. Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of para-substituted p-(n-alkoxy)benzylideneanilines
1981: Dissymetric smectogens. I. Structure of the smectic A phase of p,n-alkoxybenzylidene-p-cyanoanilines
1981: Dissymetric smectogens. II. Structure of smectic and crystal phases of p-halogenated p,n-alkyloxybenzylidene anilines
1982: Annelides. 7. Discotic mesophases obtained from substituted metallophthalocyanines. Toward liquid crystalline one-dimensional conductors
1983: A two-state Boltzmann model for polar A-smectics
1983: Cyano mesogens: a new interpretation of the structure of the bilayer smectic A phase
1983: Discotic mesophases of the metal-free derivative of octa-(dodecyloxymethyl)phthalocyanine
1983: Incompatibility of the constituent parts of smectogenic molecules
1983: Thermal behavior of two polar A-smectics
1984: Conjectures about the smectic A behaviour of dissymmetric and highly polar mesogens
1984: Discotic mesophase of copper(II) laurate
1984: Discotic mesophases of octa(dodecyloxymethyl)phthalocyanine derivatives
1984: Smectic A behaviour of dissymmetric highly polar mesogens
1984: Structural and rheological studies of block copolymers in mesomorphic state
1985: Columnar mesophases from metal and metal-free derivatives of phthalocyanine
1986: A partially bilayered smectic B (Bd) phase of a thermochromic mesogen
1986: Discotic mesophases of dirhodium tetracarboxylates
1986: Double-layer structure of the mesophases S{\sub A} and S{\sub B} of 4-cyanobutoxybenzylidene-4-octylaniline
1986: Mesophase formation in lead(II) decanoate
1986: Novel liquid crystals from side-chain polymers with oligo(ethylene oxide) spacers
1986: The thermotropic mesophase structure of two long-chain alkyl pyridinium halides
1986: Volume and X-ray diffraction study of terephthal-bis-4-n-decylaniline (TBDA)
1987: Antiferroelectric stacking in lead phthalocyanine columnar mesophases
1987: Columnar mesophases from disklike clusters of rods
1987: Investigation of the structures of the crystalline and columnar phases of linear chain copper(II) alkanoates
1987: Liquid crystals from poly(4,4'-methoxybiphenylyl methacrylate)
1987: Molecular model for the "smectic D" mesophase
1987: Novel mesomorphic order in side-chain polymers: palisades of ribbons stacked in one dimension
1987: Structural study of the smectic phases of several 4-cyanoalkoxybenzylidene-4'-alkylanilines
1987: Synthesis and study of the mesomorphism of highly polarizable mesogens towards applications in nonlinear optics
1987: The structure of a mesogenic side-chain polymethacrylate
1988: Amphiphilic character and liquid crystallinity
1988: Copper K-edge EXAFS spectroscopy of the crystalline and columnar phases of copper stearate
1988: Dilatometric investigation of thermotropic linear chain copper(II) alkanoates
1988: First examples of heteroaromatics with four paraffinic chains which possess columnar mesomorphic properties
1988: Phase transitions between single- and double-layered smectic structures in binary mixtures of cyano-mesogens
1988: Smectic E side-chain liquid crystalline poly(methacrylates)
1988: Thermal properties of a series of side-chain liquid crystalline poly(methacrylates)
1988: Thermotropic polymorphism in liquid-crystalline lead(II) alkanoates
1989: Copper K edge EXAFS spectroscopy of the crystalline and columnar phases of copper(II) carboxylates
1989: Liquid crystalline nature of poly(di-n-hexylsilane)
1989: Smectic A1 <-> A2 transition of cyano-6O.8: a two-dimensional phase separation of the molecular end groups
1989: Towards ordered conjugated polymers for non-linear optics: acetylenic and diacetylenic liquid-crystalline derivatives
1990: Columnar liquid crystals derived from long-chain carboxylates of transition metal ions
1990: Columnar liquid crystals from poly(di-n-alkylsilanes)
1990: Liquid-crystalline behavior of a series of poly(di-n-alkylsilanes)
1991: Blends of side-chain liquid-crystalline polymers at the air-water interface
1991: Diarylethane .alpha.-chloroester ferroelectric liquid crystals
1991: Hexagonal columnar mesophases from phthalocyanine. Upright and tilted intracolumnar molecular stacking, herringbone and rotationally disordered columnar packing
1992: Blends of side-chain liquid - crystalline polymers at air-water interface
1992: Columnar to nematic mesophase transition in mixtures of rhodium or copper soaps with hydrocarbon solvents
1992: Structural Characterization of Recognizable Adenine and Thymine Nucleobases Functionalized with Long Aliphatic Chains
1992: Structural study of crystalline and columnar copper(II) soaps
1992: The structures of the crystalline phase and columnar mesophase of rhodium(II) heptanoate and of its binary mixture with copper(II) heptanoate probed by EXAFS
1992: Volumetric and x-ray investigation of the crystalline and columnar phases of copper(II) soaps under pressure
1993: A new smectic mesophase with two dimensional tetragonal symmetry from dialkyldimethylammonium bromides: ST
1993: Alkanediyl-.alpha.,.omega.-bis(dimethylalkylammonium bromide) surfactants. 2. Structure of the lyotropic mesophases in the presence of water
1993: Quaternized Polyethyleneimine with Liquid-Crystalline Properties
1993: Thermotropic liquid crystals from hydrogen-bonded amphiphiles: N-alkyl-substituted iminodiacetic acids
1994: Influence of polar endgroups on mesomorphic behavior of symmetric smectogens
1995: Columnar to nematic mesophase transition: binary mixtures of copper soaps with hydrocarbons
1995: Columnar to nematic mesophase transition: binary mixtures of unlike copper soaps
1995: Liquid crystals from nonmesogenic anils induced through hydrogen bonding
1995: Smectic mesophases from quaternary amphiphilic ammonium salts functionalized with interacting end groups
1995: The mesomorphic behavior of cyanopropylalkyldimethylammonium bromides
1996: Columnar structure and liquid crystals
1996: Liquid crystal properties of N-alkyl(ethylpyridinium) bromides .omega.-substituted with a mesogenic group
1997: Crystal and liquid crystal behavior of N-cyanoalkyl-N-alkyl-N,N-dimethylammonium bromides: role of the dipole interactions of the cyano groups
1997: Functional polythiiranes: 5. Side chain liquid crystalline polythiiranes
1997: Liquid crystalline behavior of hydrogen bonded complexes of a nonmesogenic anil with p-n-alkoxybenzoic acids
1997: Smectic mesomorphism of long-chain n-Alkylammonium polyacrylates
1997: Structural compatibility of smectic sublayers: liquid crystals from oxynitrostilbene derivatives of dialkyldimethylammonium bromides
1997: Studies of the thermotropic mesophase behavior exhibited by a highly asymmetric tetrabenzotriazaporphyrin derivative
1997: Thermotropic liquid crystals from alkali metal dihexadecylphosphates
1998: Cubic and columnar thermotropic mesophases of potassium dialkylphosphate salts
1998: Mesomorphic character of quaternary ammonium salts affected by secondary hydrogen bonding interactions
2000: Thermotropic liquid crystals from a monosubstituted 2,2'-bipyridine


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