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Sixou, Pierre

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Sixou, P.


Ambrosino, S.;   Bezot, Pierre;   Boudet, Alain;   Fontanille, Michel;   Gandolfo, V.;   Gilli, Jean Marc;   Guillard, H.;   Labonne, L.;   Laye, C.;   Magnaldo, A.;   Magnaldo, Alistair;   Mitov, Michel;   Nourry, J.;   Nourry, Johnny;   Radian-Guenebaud, Murielle;   Robert, Patrice;   Searby, Geoffrey;   Sopena, Pierre;   Villenave, Jean Jacques;   Yamagishi, Tadaaki

Publication Titles

1977: Collective molecular motions in liquids from depolarized light scattering
1984: Textures and instabilities in liquid crystals and mesomorphic polymers
1988: Preparation of liquid-crystalline polymers bearing mesogenic side chains from unsaturated polymers
1989: Cellulosic mesophases
1991: Liquid crystals for new composites
1992: Droplet size effects in polymer dispersed nematic chiral liquid crystal materials
1993: Study of a cholesteric liquid crystal polymer in solution in a low molar weight liquid crystal: phase diagram and electric field effect
1994: Laminated composites having changeable colors
1995: Preparation and characteristics of cholesteric gel from pentyl ether of hydroxypropyl cellulose
1996: Adaptable and adaptive materials for light flux control
1996: Stability of liquid crystals, whether encapsulated or in a polymer lattice
1997: Morphological study of a chiral polymer network in a nematic liquid crystal from a concentration gradient
1999: Cellulosic liquid crystals
2000: Adaptive materials for optical applications: example of polymer/liquid crystal microcomposites
2003: Adaptive chromogenic materials and devices


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