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Simon, J.

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Simon, Jacques


Andre, J.J.;   Andre, Jean Jacques;   Barnik, M.I.;   Barzoukas, M.;   Bassoul, P.;   Belarbi, Z.;   Blinov, Lev M.;   Bosio, L.;   Boulou, J.C.;   Engel, M.K.;   Fujimoto, T.;   Guillaud, G.;   Guillon, D.;   Hanack, M.;   Hasebe, H.;   Huck, J.;   Jacquemin, L.;   Josse, D.;   Knoesel, R.;   Le Moigne, J.;   Lehmann, H.;   Lelievre, D.;   Maitrot, M.;   Markovitsi, D.;   Masurel, D.;   Mathis, A.;   Mihailovic, P.;   Morizumi, Y.;   Nicoud, J.F.;   Norvez, S.;   Ohta, K.;   Petit, M.A.;   Petit, P.;   Piechocki, C.;   Shtykov, N.M.;   Sirlin, C.;   Skoulios, A.;   Soulie, C.;   Spegt, P.;   Subachius, D.B.;   Tournilhac, F.;   Tournilhac, F.G.;   Watanabe, T.;   Weber, P.;   Weill, G.;   Wittmann, J.C.;   Yablonsky, S.V.;   Yamamoto, I.;   Ziliox, M.

Publication Titles

1980: Annelides. V: a new type of lyotropic mesomorphic phase
1982: Annelides. 7. Discotic mesophases obtained from substituted metallophthalocyanines. Toward liquid crystalline one-dimensional conductors
1983: Discotic mesophases of the metal-free derivative of octa-(dodecyloxymethyl)phthalocyanine
1984: Discotic mesophases of octa(dodecyloxymethyl)phthalocyanine derivatives
1984: Smectic polymorphism of an annelide type copper complex
1985: Annelides. XI. Elaboration of molecular materials. Synthesis of octasubstituted phthalocyanine derivatives forming discotic mesophases
1985: Annelides. XII: Photochemical association properties of phthalocyanine-based discogens
1985: Columnar mesophases from metal and metal-free derivatives of phthalocyanine
1985: Synthesis of a polar discogen. A new type of discotic mesophase
1987: Annelides. Part 19. Spinal columnar liquid crystals. Polymeric octasubstituted .mu.-oxo-(phthalocyaninato)tin(IV)
1987: Annelides. XXI. Highly ordered columnar liquid crystal obtained from a new octasubstituted phthalocyanine mesogen
1987: Annelides. XXII. Discotic mesogens possessing an electrical dipole moment perpendicular to the molecular plane: synthesis and mesomorphic properties
1987: Crystalline phase transition and non-linear optical properties of a plastic crystal: The N-oxide of triethylene diamine
1987: Synthesis and study of the mesomorphism of highly polarizable mesogens towards applications in nonlinear optics
1988: Dielectric measurements of liquid crystals
1988: Electrical properties of condensed phases of the mesogen bis(octa-octadecyloxymethylphthalocyaninato)lutetium
1988: Influence of the nature of the side chains on the mesomorphic properties of octasubstituted phthalocyanine derivatives. Annelides. XXIX
1988: Spinal columnar liquid crystals based on octasubstituted phthalocyanine siloxane derivatives
1989: Description of a nematic liquid crystal based on the phthalocyanine subunit
1989: Electrical and magnetic properties of liquid crystalline molecular materials: lithium and lutetium phthalocyanine derivatives
1989: Mesomorphic molecular materials for electronics, opto-electronics, iono-electronics: octaalkylphthalocyanine derivatives
1991: Discotic liquid crystals of transition metal complexes. 9. Synthesis and properties of discotic liquid crystals of tetrapyrazinoporphyrazine derivatives
1991: Mesomorphic molecular materials: dielectric and nonlinear optical properties of donor-acceptor azomethine nematogens
1992: Epitaxygens: Mesomorphic Properties of Triptycene Derivatives
1992: Ferroelectric liquid crystals from achiral molecules
1992: Polyphilic Compounds: Evidence for Ferroelectricity in a Nonchiral Mesophase
1993: Epitaxygens: mesomorphic properties of tripytycene derivatives
1993: Mesomorphic molecular materials: influence of chain length on the structural properties of octa-alkyl substituted phthalocyanines
1993: Physical properties of achiral mesomorphic ferroelectrics
1993: Synthesis of polyphilic compounds: evidence for ferroelectricity in a non-chiral mesophase
1993: X-ray structure of 2,2',2''-trimethoxytriphenylamine as model for the conformation of siloxatranes
1997: Second harmonic generation in polyphilic compounds


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